Fall Gardening & Recipe Round-Up

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As soon as September hits, we start reaching for warm lattes, cozy sweaters, homey candles and a thrilling novel. Even if the weather in our homebase of Dallas, TX, doesn’t quite cooperate, we can’t help falling in love with Fall!

If you, too, are overcome with the urge to listen to folk music and go leaf-peeping, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite blogs that make the most out of the new season, from gardening tips and tricks to our favorite savory recipes. 


Ready to break ground on this season’s garden? Our Fall Growing Guide details your best bets on plants, soil, containers, and garden care.

Leafy greens are great garden options this time of year. Explore our favorite options, and stock up on tips that will guarantee a successful harvest.

Spinach is the gift that keeps on giving, both in food and in health. Plant now, and you can be enjoying your bounty as soon as mid-October.

Fall just screams squash to us. If you’re looking to grow the season’s most iconic vegetable but are working with a smaller space, our guide to growing squash in containers is a must-read.

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Get a Bowl of This

Nothing is better this time of year than a warm bowl of soup after a chilly day. Here are some of our favorites recipes that incorporate fresh ingredients from the garden. 

Our vegan friends will love this hearty lentil soup, which is packed with protein, greens, and fresh herbs.

If you are a fall tomato grower, try this tomato basil soup. Roasting the tomatoes adds a savory complexity that is sure to impress.

This sausage and kale soup takes things to the next level by using spicy chorizo. It also features chickpeas for an extra bump of protein.

We love Jamie Oliver for so many reasons, and his spinach and tortellini soup is definitely one of them. This healthy option is light on calories without sacrificing flavor or heartiness.

Pumpkins Galore

We don’t care if it’s basic, we love pumpkin. These recipes take the season’s favorite flavor beyond the latte, incorporating fresh ingredients and maximizing the vegetable’s amazing health benefits. 

If you’re a pumpkin 24/7 kind of person, start your day off with these pumpkin pancakes. They’re perfect for a brisk fall morning.

Lovers of sweet potato fries will flip for our pumpkin fry recipe, the perfect side dish or salad topper.

The butternut squash in this lasagna could easily be subbed for pumpkin (use a can of pumpkin purée seasoned with salt and pepper instead of making one with squash). Fresh sage adds a deep, woodsy flavor as well as a wide variety of health benefits. Here’s the Sage Butternut Squash Lasagna Recipe!

Use Your Noodles

Noodles are warm and versatile, the ideal combination when the weather is cold and the garden is flourishing. Our craveable, indulgent fall pasta and noodles recipes make good use of seasonal ingredients and come together in a snap. 

Now’s the time to make tomato sauce! A big batch of this will keep in the freezer for up to six months, meaning you can enjoy late summer’s perfect tomatoes well into the winter.

This spinach pesto is an ideal way to enjoy your spinach harvest. Enjoy it over pasta or mixed into salad dressings, drizzled on root vegetables, or smeared onto wheat toast.

Two words: brown butter. Need we say more? Run, don’t walk, to this brown sage butter and garlic pasta recipe that comes together in under 30 minutes.

Red curry noodles bowls are the perfect cold-weather lunch, both comforting and packed with invigorating herbs.

How are you planning on making the most of the fall?

Fall Gardening & Recipes