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Leafy Greens

This fall, we are certain that you will want to plant your cool-temperature garden full of delicious herbs and vegetables. Leafy greens are perfect for your fall garden as they are hardy, and they also thrive in container gardens.

The three leafy greens that we love for this fall are spinach, kale, and lettuce. These greens are fantastic to have around the house as they are versatile; the recipe opportunities are endless! Get ready to dig in, and start your fall vegetable garden today, if you haven’t already.

What You Need To Know

Leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, and kale are the exemplary fall crop because they thrive in cooler temperatures. They are easy and quick to grow, along with being downright delicious. Use your container garden for your fall leafy greens so you can bring them indoors once the first frost settles. 


Growing Salad Garden

We love spinach, and spinach loves the fall. Your spinach plant will flourish in cool temperatures; in fact, too much heat is actually bad for your spinach plant’s health. Spinach is the perfect plant to grow in your garden because it is a fast grower (40-45 days) and it is full of nutrients and vitamins. 

Spinach is the ultimate superfood; the health benefits that spinach has are vast, and definitely make the growing process worth your while. Spinach can be helpful with anything from diabetes management to increasing metabolism. Take a look at these 3 Reasons Why You Should Grow Spinach Now


Kale is another must-have addition to your fall garden. This leafy green is incredibly hardy and unbothered by the frost; your kale plant will keep growing in temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit! Anyone from a beginner grower, to family gardeners, to garden experts, will tell you that kale is easy to grow and full of health benefits, too.

Another green in the superfood family, kale is chock full of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. To learn more about the health benefits of eating kale, take a look at this article by Dr. David Perlmutter. 

For a complete guide to growing kale in your fall garden, read our Grow Pro guides that have all of the tips and tricks you need to grow your kale and keep it thriving this fall. 


Planting a Leafy Green Garden

Similarly to spinach and kale, lettuce is another fantastic addition to your autumn garden. Lettuce is an extremely hardy plant that has the ability to continue growing into the frost season! If you have exceptionally cool temperatures, consider expanding your lettuce garden this year. 

Lettuce is great because it does not take up a lot of space, it is extremely easy to grow and it thrives in container gardens. Did we mention that it’s also delicious? Fresh lettuce is always a wonderful addition to your kitchen creations. 

Plant your lettuce with the expectation that some plants will be ready to harvest in as little as 30 days. For a Complete Guide to Growing Lettuce, take a look at our Grow Pro article that tells you everything you need to know to start your lettuce garden today. 


Child Planting Salad Garden

Adding all of these leafy greens to your garden will be so inspiring to your inner culinary artist. Read up on some delicious heart-healthy recipes that put your green garden to use this fall.

Grow Some Leafy Greens!