Gardenuity Match: How it Works

Gardenuity Match puts the ingenuity in Gardenuity.

The Old Way:

Most gardening sites and services start with the veggie and not with you. They ask you to pick the veggie you want to grow. So you do…only to discover you have to know your frost date or zone, at which time you can cross-reference that information with a grid that tells you how many weeks before or after the first or last frost date or, at best, you get a colorful calendar that gives you a date to start planting seeds indoors. Are you exhausted yet?

The Gardenuity Way:

We start with you. Simply give us your zip code, and our proprietary algorithm immediately shows you veggies you can grow right now that we can ship to you in the next few days. How simple is that?

imageSimply enter your zip and choose your favorite veggie! Gardenuity Match works with the help of our plant experts (a group of degreed horticulturists and plant scientists). Depending on what you’ve chosen to grow, the time of year, and your location (we even consider the pH of your local tap water), we put together a customized garden kit. Each kit includes customized seeds or live plants, a microfiber grow bag container, and the soil and nutrients your plant needs — all hyper-personalized to you.

“It doesn’t matter if you live in tropical Florida, snowcapped Colorado, the high deserts of California, or anywhere in between, we match you to the herbs and veggies that you can successfully grow based on the weather where you live right now.”Donna Letier, CEO and co-founder

And just like that, the opportunity for a successful garden is on its way to you. Gardenuity Match helps bring the joy of growing and the thrill of the harvest to people everywhere.

Give it a try, and let us know what you think! Be sure to follow our #gardenuitygrows community of growers on all of our social channels to learn more about what’s growing at Gardenuity.