Why You Should Be Incorporating Gardening Into Your Company Culture

Gardenuity Company Team

The idea of “company culture” has dominated the national conversation over the past several years–and with good reason. Recent statistics show that 47% of active job seekers cite company culture as the primary reason they are searching for new work, and 15% of applicants have turned down offers because companies did not align with their desired work environment. When done right, 57% of employees are more loyal and productive and less likely to take time off when company culture supports their mental well-being. 

Last week, an article in the New York Times caught our attention. The piece detailed how offices are aiming to entice their employees back to in-person work after over a year of working remotely, a concept that goes hand-in-hand with boosting morale and retaining personnel. 

The solution to many company leaders and building managers? 

Office gardens. 

As simple as it may sound, rooftop gardens and other outdoor spaces are incredible tools for attracting and keeping employees. One Harvard study showed that outdoor spaces can also boost productivity at work. Plants provide cleaner air, which can greatly increase mental cognition. 

Company Gardening Party

Scientific data aside, gardens are enriching spaces that provide countless possibilities for in-office experiences. The opportunity to tend to a plot on a lunch hour or attend a cooking class that uses fresh-grown ingredients is hugely interesting to potential hires. In a time where work stretches beyond the constraints of 9-5, it’s important to emphasize that even at the office, there can be tastes of something comforting and engaging.

Office gardens are indicative of a company culture that values physical and mental health. With 10% of employees saying that they are more likely to stay in jobs that value work-life balance, it’s critical to consider how your company is emphasizing its health-conscious culture.

Your Office + Gardenuity Gardens

Office Gardening Workshops

Don’t have a rooftop or the space for a full-blown outdoor garden? We can help. From Fortune 100 technology and wellness companies to high growth startups, Gardenuity partners with businesses that invest in their biggest assets: employees and the customers they serve.

Our gardens are compact, customizable and complete with all that you need to grow successfully. From larger outdoor garden containers to indoor desk plants, we work with our corporate partners to determine how plants fit into their unique corporate culture. 

If you are interested in providing health-conscious content but unsure about living plants in the office, we’ve got you covered. We offer virtual programs in which each participant receives an at-home garden, providing them with the benefits of company-sponsored wellness without the limitations of an office building. 

To learn more, visit our Corporate Partners page.