11 Spring Flavors You Can Grow and Cook Now

Some of the freshest flavors in the world come into season during the spring: parsley, kale, radishes, strawberries, and more. Container gardens are the perfect way to access all of these tasty spring flavors and take them to the kitchen in their freshest form.

Here are 11 seasonal spring flavors you can grow and cook now, plus delicious recipes for each.


Chives Herb Box

Chives are extremely useful in the kitchen, with a flavor akin to onions and leeks but just a touch milder. Having this herb on hand will add versatility to your culinary repertoire and beauty to your garden.

Chives are quite easy to grow — especially in a container garden — and thrive in full sun. Plant seeds as soon as the soil is workable.

This stir-fried noodle recipe uses fresh chives and chili shrimp to achieve the ultimate spring flavor in one dish.


Strawberry - Spring Flavors

Nothing is sweeter than a strawberry on a spring day. With their rich aromatic and fruity flavor, they taste equally tasty alone as in desserts, salads, and more.

This juicy fruit grows well in the spring and love to sprawl over the edge of their containers. They’re sturdy options for novice growers and children love them!

Once you have your berries growing, try this divine strawberry salsa recipe.


Spring Flavor - Arugula

Arugula is packed with leafy green nutrients that will give your body exactly what it needs. Then, its peppery flavor makes it a dream to cook with. Add it to salads, put it on pizza, and make green smoothies with it!

When you grow arugula yourself, the flavor is even better than store-bought leaves. Grow during the early days of spring when it’s still slightly cool. An arugula plant will grow up to a foot tall if allowed and delivers many happy harvests!

This arugula salad recipe is for the health-conscious eater who still adores flavor. Try it with your fresh harvests for best results.


Beet Harvest from Gardenuity Garden

Beets are the sugar-sweet root vegetable that we just can’t get enough of every spring. Their bright red color and sweet taste brightens up any kitchen. Roast them or eat them raw: you just can’t go wrong with beets in the kitchen.

Beets are fast-growing root vegetables that are a delight to pull out of the ground. Plant in the early spring while temperatures are still cool.

Try this anti-inflammatory beet super smoothie! It’s packed full of nutrients and actually tastes divine.


Carrot Harvest from Gardenuity Garden

Carrots are arguably the most widely eaten vegetable of all time. With a crunch and a mild flavor that appeals to all ages and tastebuds, carrots are a great way to get the nutrients you need for your eyes and more.

Carrots take a little bit longer to grow than the average veggie, but the reveal at the end is worth it. They prefer cooler temperatures, full sun, and a loose sandy soil.

Opt for an innovative recipe with this roasted carrot and kale detox soup.


Woman Eating Rainbow Chard Harvest

Swiss chard may be an unusual vegetable for you, but don’t let that stop you from trying it. The flavor is similar to beets or spinach, and the fresh leaves offer a great crunch without the bitterness of kale. The stems, on the other hand, are slightly sweet like bok choy.

Chard loves full sun or slight shade and thrives in the springtime. Their beautiful ruffled leaves with red veins brighten up any garden and can be harvested continuously throughout the grow.

This recipe, courtesy of Bon Appétit, is a simple way to get the big flavor of swiss chard: sautéed with lemon and garlic.


Gardenuity Herb Garden

Herbs are always in season; it’s one of our favorite things about them. Along with their versatile uses in the kitchen and their unique decorative abilities. Whether you grow basil, dill, or rosemary, you’ll find them useful in your recipes.

Herbs grow well in big containers and little ones, meaning they’re perfect for gardeners who don’t have anything besides a window sill to grow on. Try our indoor herb garden kits if you’re leaning towards gardening indoors this spring!

The options for cooking with herbs is endless. Start off your herb adventures with this herbaceous hummus recipe.


Kale Harvest - Gardenuity

Kale is the superfood the world positively adores right now. Their ruffled leaves can be a bit bitter, but when prepared well, offer a tender taste. Besides, their absolutely packed with nutrients that will keep you healthy.

Kale is easy to care for in the garden. Find the complete guide to growing kale here. Remember, earlier harvests lead to leaves with a milder taste!

Did you know that kale is also incredible for your skin? Try your new harvests in this organic kale face mask.


Parsley Herb Box - Spring Flavors

Parsley is an herb that particularly thrives in the spring. Its bright green color and cute leaves are the perfect spring touch to your home.

While parsley is classified as a “mild bitter,” it’s the ultimate flavor brightener — adding a touch of parsley to a recipe can balance out your meal. Its mild flavor is always a boon to have on hand.

If you like the spring flavor of parsley, you will love this authentic Mediterranean tabbouleh recipe.


Spinach Seasonal Spring Flavor

When harvested straight from the garden, spinach leaves are suddenly sweet and tender like you’ve never tasted before. With immense health benefits, spinach can be used in literally everything: salads, cooked side dishes, green smoothies, and more.

In the spring, spinach produces huge amounts of leaves in a very short amount of time. It will put up with a mild amount of shade and likes the earlier cooler days of spring.

We love spinach so much, we can eat it for every meal. Here are 3 spinach recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Radish Harvest - Seasonal Spring Flavors

Radishes are the ultra-crunchy, ultra-tasty red root veggie that is a pure delight in the garden. With a mild flavor that just hints at a bit of spice, they’re a great addition to salads and veggie platters. Cook them to access their sweet flavor.

Radishes are super-fast growers, ready in about 4 weeks from planting. They love full sun and like to be in a little warmer weather, so wait until spring is well on its way before planting.

This garlic and ginger roasted radish recipe is one of our absolute favorite ways to access the veggie’s unique flavor. Try it out!

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