Why this is the Perfect Time to Sit Still in Your Garden

As your time spent in the house increases, it is so important to carve out a space for relaxation and tranquility in your home. The stress of the outside world is heavy, which makes it extra important to find an environment to nurture your peace of mind. The good news is your garden is the perfect place to do so and a garden can be wherever you are.

Your garden is a place where you can go to work, escape, engage, and relax. All of these experiences in one space can transform it into a place where you can adopt a ritual to ease your mind. 

Experiencing Stillness

In a world that never stops moving, it is difficult to make time in the day to appreciate a moment of stillness. Stillness is an extremely important tool that can be used to clear the mind and be present in the current moment. 

It is easy to be consumed in planning; planning the next meal, the next play-date, the next task to be done. When you are always thinking ahead, you are taking away from how you are experiencing what is happening before your eyes.

Why Choose Stillness?

  • Clearing your mind through stillness can improve your mood and allow you to focus and better follow your train of thought. 
  • Finding even a brief moment of stillness can be great for improving your digestion, lowering blood pressure, and calming the nervous system.

Finding the time to exist quietly alongside your garden, which so much of your energy has been poured into, will be serene and transformative. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of finding stillness, check out this informative blog post from Alicia Sirkin.

The Importance of Making a Quiet Space

Creating a peaceful space in your home is invaluable when you are seeking an environment that promotes reflection, introspection, stress relief. Everyone needs a place where they can travel to in order to escape the noise and business of daily life.

Your quiet space can be catered to you, with as much or as little decor as preferred. According to an article by the QuietZon, the less distraction and technology that your quiet space contains, the better. This space should be a space you visit often, and a place that makes you feel comfortable.

Your garden is a perfect fit for your safe, quiet space. A garden space can be outfitted with chairs, trinkets and decorations, or it can be a minimal ode to nature; you want your space to accommodate the type of environment that you need in order to relax. Try adding a wind chime and a comfortable chair that you can enjoy during your moments of stillness in the garden.

Finding a Meditation that Works for You

Moments of stillness are an important part of developing a meditation and steadying the mind. That being said, meditation looks different for everybody. For those who prefer to keep their hands busy in order to calm their mind, gardening is the perfect opportunity to sink into a meditative experience. 

In your garden, you can use the tranquility of your surroundings to meditate in stillness. You can also create your own meditation through the practice of digging, planting, and growing your garden; there is a special energy that is fostered through connecting with the earth itself. 

Meditation can look different for everyone, but it’s important to remember that you can always find peace within your garden. Even during winter months, you can make a special space inside for your container gardens.

For some tips & tricks on meditation, you can check out our piece on 6 tips to get started meditating!

Gardening for your Mental Health

Woman Watering & Relaxing in Garden

We truly believe in the powers of gardening; spending time in your garden will energize you, boost your mood and help you to think more clearly. Gardening is an incredible way to help us remember and experience our connection to nature, which alleviates feelings of depression and anxiety.

Taking the time to have a moment of stillness in your garden, or work with the soil in your garden, can release chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals make your mind and body feel better from the inside out.

Spending as few as five minutes in your garden has the ability to drastically reduce stress. Remember to be intentional about clearing your mind and relaxing. 

Take a Deep Breath

The next time you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed at home, take some time to be still in your garden. Clear your mind, focus on the earth around you, and relax. As you nurture your garden, your garden will nurture you and you won’t regret it.

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