What is Culinary Medicine | FREE Webinar with Brooklynne Palmer

by Rachel Andes

Brooklynne Palmer Cooking

Have you ever thought about how the food that you consume physically affects the way your mind and body function? If yes, you are not alone. In fact, there is an entire field of study emerging called Culinary Medicine, which focuses on how we interact with food, and how food interacts with us.

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About Brooklynne

Brooklynne is a first-generation college student who became interested in nutrition at a very young age. After experiencing how drastic changes in eating habits affected her body, Brooklynne’s interest in the impact of food on the body was sparked. 

Brooklynne has been financially putting herself through college since she completed her undergraduate degree at UT Dallas, and now as she continues as a medical student in Texas. “People who find themselves in my position don’t always find their goals to be attainable,” Palmer states, “it’s encouraging to know that not everybody on my path has financial assistance”. 

Why Culinary Medicine?

Palmer was inspired to pursue culinary medicine when she realized that she could help spread awareness; knowledge about how food affects the body is not extremely accessible, and it is one of Palmer’s goals help people and communities through providing this information. 

“There seemed to be a gap in clinical studies for this vital information regarding food and health,” Brooklynne explains. There are studies being done that look into how food impacts the general health of the mind and body, however this information is not available to just anybody. “There’s an illogical disconnect between what we understand and what we practice”.

Food as Medicine

Brooklynne Palmer Cooking

Brooklynne mentions that one of her goals for her professional career is to address the disconnect between how food is being consumed an how it affects people’s health. 

“Focusing on food in terms of health is so powerful because there are not only long term benefits,” Palmer expresses, “There are also positive effects; great short term health effects from the food you eat”. 

By consuming food that is high in nutrients, proteins and vitamins, you are providing yourself with a stronger immune system. Additionally, you are less likely to fall ill to acute illnesses, such as the common cold. During this tumultuous time of the pandemic, it is particularly important to take any actions you can towards a healthy and strong immune system; your eating habits are a great place to start strengthening your body!

Gardening for your Health

Brooklynne Palmer

“There are much fewer steps between your garden and your plate”, Palmer describes while emphasizing how it can be significantly safer to grow your own produce, rather than buying it from the store. When you are growing your food in your own garden, you have full control over what goes into growing it (and, more importantly, what doesn’t!). 

Brooklynne also explains how there comes a sense of pride and excitement with growing your own food, which leads to adopting a more well-balanced and nutrient rich eating pattern. The more reason you have to cook your own food, the better! Get out in your garden and see what ingredients you can add into your favorite recipes. 

Herbs are Underrated

Herbs are one of the easiest AND most nutrient-rich ingredients you can add to your dishes. “Herbs are so underrated,” Palmer states, “there are so many health benefits to herbs”.

“Growing and using herbs has a holistic benefit to your wallet and the planet. Plus, your meal is better and fresher.”

Brooklynne Palmer

Luckily, herbs can be added to just about anything. If you are interested in learning more about the specific health benefits of herbs, check out our article about 7 Restorative Health Benefits of Herbs.

Brooklynne’s Food Philosophy

Brooklynne is a strong advocate of eating what you want while pursuing an awareness of what you consume. In this way, you can eat all of the things you love, while adding nutrient-rich ingredients (like herbs) or substituting ingredients for healthier options that are just as tasty. 

“My philosophy is to never focus on taking things out, or demonizing food”, Palmer passionately explains, “So much food has nostalgic connections, cultural connections, and historical connections”. 

Palmer encourages you to be mindful of what you like, and to take the time to learn what can be added or customized in order to make it have more health benefits. For example, she explains that if you eat more plants in general, you are naturally going to be more full and eat less of other things. The cherry on top is that you’re eating healthier foods, and those foods can be grown right in your own garden. 

Grow your Path to Better Health

To learn more about Brooklynne and her food philosophy, join us at our free Patio to Plate online workshop webinar on Sunday, August 16th at 5pm CST. Changing your eating style to include healthier options is accessible to you, and you can do it easily from the comfort of your own home. Join us to learn more and dig in!

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