My Garden is Teaching Me How to Meditate | 6 Tips to Getting Started

Fostering your mind-body connection helps create peace, harmony, and oneness. Meditation is the quickest way to create this connectivity with self. The more connection you find, the easier it is to be content in situations — no matter how tumultuous your circumstances are.

Meditation studios are becoming more and more common, but creating an at-home meditation practice is a really valuable way to foster mindfulness.

Nurturing growth is mindful and way to get started with the practice of meditation. Gardening is a way to invite your mind to open up and feel connected to the day. Gardening is a way to help you find focus, calm and joy- key outcomes of meditation.  Your garden, big or little will teach you to see things from a different perspective, it is the showcase of optimism and a reminder that sometimes the unexpected can be life’s most magnificent moments.   Being a part of somethings growth is a way to foster the desired calm.

Here are 6 tips to begin a fruitful at-home meditation practice. At the end of this article, you will have an idea of how to successfully meditate at home.

Create a Home Meditation Space

Meditation can happen anywhere: on the subway, at work, on your couch.

However, it’s very useful to create a specific space for your practice — especially if you’re just beginning. Designate a space for your practice and be consistent about it.

Make sure it’s a space that you feel comfortable being to yourself. Once you’ve chosen the spot, clear it out — the less clutter and visual noise there is, the better (not all meditations begin with closed eyes!).

Find an Intention

When you begin meditating, it can be daunting to simply breathe. So, at first, set an intention each time you meditate. It can be as simple as “generosity,” or as complex as forgiving someone specific in your past. It can also be unemotional, such as focusing on the body’s sensation.

Label an intention before you begin and keep it in mind throughout your practice — even if its just two minutes of meditating.

Choose a Convenient Time

Nothing is more disheartening than being in the flow and having your meditation disrupted. When you meditate, choose a time that is convenient for you, with plenty of buffer time on either end of your meditation.

Incorporate Nature

Nature for at home mediation practice

There are all kinds of meditation practices — and not all of them look like sitting with your eyes closed. Yoga, forest walks, breathing exercises, and more are all forms of fruitful meditation.

One of the most accessible meditations for beginners is to include nature in your practice. Whether you simply take 5 minutes to intensely observe a plant, take a mindful walk through the woods, or simply stand in the dirt for 3 minutes, incorporating nature will boost your mindfulness practice.

“Going into nature can swing the pendulum back away from the crazy world of technology and stress.”

Jennifer Mulaison

Dallas meditation studio owner Jennifer Mulaison speaks to gardening as a meditation, mindfulness, and more in this exclusive interview.

Minimize Distraction

The key to a successful at-home meditative practice is to minimize distraction. Noise, technology, things, and people can all be reminders of obligation, stresses, and more.

Do your best to temporarily shut off these distractions. Turn off your phone, close the door, turn away from belongings, and more.

This will allow you to truly turn into yourself and find peace.

Try a Guided Meditation

When you’re beginning your mindfulness practice, ask for help! Gurus and leaders are a cherished part of the history of mindfulness — and having the humility to ask for help is imperative to accessing growth.

No one can do it alone, so find people to guide you through a meditation.

Whether you attend your local studio or use one of the many apps available to you, turn to people who know more than you and embrace their wisdom.

At Gardenuity we know how important it is to take the time and meditate. In our busy lives today, meditation is more beneficial than ever. We hope that you now have an idea of how to meditate at home successfully so you too can reap the benefits meditation provides.

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