5 Health Benefits of Herbs for Kids | Why Kids Need Herbs

health benefits of herbs for children

Herbalism has been around for centuries for medicine, well-being, cooking, and more. Alongside modern health practices, herbs continue to be valued ways to access health in a natural, organic way.

When it comes to our kids, we’re more careful than ever about wellness. After all, we want to give our children the best start to life possible, right?

Herbs — eaten, smelled, and grown — can be a beneficial addition to your children’s life and give them the health boost you’re looking for.

Here are 5 health benefits of herbs for kids.

Medicinal Value

Medicinal Herbs

Herbalism is the simplest and most ancient form of medicine there is. Herbs have innate medical value because of their nutrient density and each variety’s particular mineral/nutrient components.

Children generally have more delicate ecosystems than adults. Herbs are a particularly safe and effective way to offer medicine to your children. They are usually more gentle than pharmaceutical alternatives and offer healing qualities without upsetting the more precarious homeostasis of children.

You can use herbs to treat colds, flu, chickenpox, measles, and even soothe teething pains. They help kids with inflammation, digestion, and more.

Each herb offers something unique! Find 7 medicinal benefits of specific herbs here.

*When using herbs as medicine, it’s best to administer them in the presence of a qualified practitioner. Always consult your doctor before making any decisions regarding your child’s health.

Improves Focus and Brain Power

Specific herbs have been proven by research to improve brain power — particularly sage. Exposure to sage helps to avoid Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss later.

Additionally, having green in the house (for example: by growing an herb garden in the kitchen) has enormous effects on our ability to focus. For kids, the home is their homework space!

So keep your herb garden in a place where your children can enjoy its many benefits, participate in its growth and celebrate the harvests.

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Encourages Food Curiosity

future foodie holding fresh harvest

Anyone have any extra picky eaters out there?

It may be that giving kids herbs young is the solution to the problem of picky eaters.

By adding herbs to their routine meals and drinks, your kids become used to a variety of green flavors, rather than just the blander flavors PB & Js and Mac & Cheese. It will elevate their taste!

Your child will show an increased interest in green and in a variety of flavors. Studies have shown that children who ate herbs with their family generally exhibit more food curiosity as they get older.

You can add herbs to their food and drinks in a variety of ways. Add mint to their berry milkshake, and basil pesto to their noodles! Any addition helps.

Packed with Super Nutrients

Herb Garden Harvest for Nutrients

On top of all of this, herbs are the ultimate nutrient source.

Per ounce, herbs often contain 8 times the amount of nutrients that another green vegetable will.

As such, feeding your kids herbs is a wonderful way to ensure your kid is getting the vitamins and minerals they need to grow well!

Need Vitamin C? Try parsley!

Need antioxidants? Give him/her oregano.

Fosters Ease and Peace

kid herbal aromatherapy

Last but not least, herbs often foster a sense of peace and ease. This is largely in part due to their aromatherapeutic effects. Herbal scents promote a general sense of wellness and often help to alleviate emotional and mental stress.

If your kids grow up in a home with an herb garden — or even a home where they eat herbs — they’re more likely to feel at peace and easeful when home.

Check out our guide to an aromatherapy garden here.

Making herbs a part of your kids’ lives is a wonderful way to ensure full-blown health in all aspects of their lives.

It’s especially fruitful for them if you grow an herb garden with them! Gardening has its own benefits for children. In any case, they’ll marvel at the earth and get closer to you, their parent.

The health benefits of herbs for kids don’t stop at this list. The only way to know if herbs can create a positive impact on your child’s life is if you try.

health benefits of herbs for kids