Guide to Your Aromatherapy Herb Garden

Fresh Herbs

Herbs have been known for their aromatic benefits for centuries. Now, aromatherapy is more valued than ever before and for good reason: herbs exude scents that help promote a healthier mind, body, and spirit. This year, create your own aromatherapy herb garden. Here are five herbs you need in your aromatherapy herb garden, and what they’ll offer you.


These purple-flowered beauties have a refreshing floral scent and are especially beneficial for your respiratory tract. In fact, Lavender can help soothe colds, coughs, and clear sinus pathways. The mere scent can also help soothe a tired mind and relieve stress & anxiety.


Basil Herb Bamboo Box

Basil is notorious for giving flavor to your favorite Italian foods, but it’s incredibly good for clearing your head and calming your nerves. If you’re looking to concentrate, its light, fresh, and sweet aroma is a wonderful choice. One sniff, and you’ll also relieve head colds, headaches, and migraines.

Lemon Balm

This herb has a mild lemon aroma that is known for its calming effects. Its scent can aid in calming anxiety, inducing sleep, and settling restlessness. Additionally, its unique scent is also used to help treat Alzheimer’s disease.


Mint’s aroma packs a pick-me-up you’ll need on the foggiest of days. Its cooling, refreshing effect can eradicate headaches, enhance mental alertness, and boost your energy. Additionally, it’s a great scent to combat irritation (in yourself or others!)

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The scent of rosemary is a mental stimulant like no other. It helps to boost your memory, relieves congestion, and focuses your brain. Rosemary’s aroma will also soothe headaches and cramps.

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Child and Herb Garden

Having fresh herbs in your kitchen or on your patio will emit wonderful scents that’ll keep you happier and healthier than ever before! Next time, pay attention to the sweet smells of your herb garden — you’ll be happy you did.

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