3 Relaxing Bath Tips | How to Give Yourself a Spa-like Bath

relaxing bath tips

Self-love is so necessary in this crazy, busy world. Relaxation and rest is one of our favorite ways to show yourself that you care! Plus, it’s important to give yourself time to recoup.

Baths are one of the more effective ways to encourage relaxation. Is there anything more lovely than sitting a warm bath and enjoying the moment?

These 3 relaxing bath tips are the easiest ways to make your home feel like a spa and give yourself a bath that makes you feel like royalty.

Add Herbs to Your Bathwater

The number one way to elevate your relaxation: use herbs! We specifically love adding freshly harvested rosemary to bathwater.

Rosemary is especially effective in relieving sore muscles. Plus, the sweet woodsy scent will fill your bathroom entirely, accessing aromatherapy — which is a magnificent way to de-stress.

To find more details about how to create a DIY herbal bath (and which herbs do what), read about restoring and relaxing herbal bath tips here!

Light a Garden-Scented Candle

Candles are a beautiful way to bring peace to your at-home spa. It’s no mess, no cleanup solution for relaxing into aromatherapy and your bath.

We love garden-inspired scents. They’re particularly effective at promoting peace and setting a mood!

Here are a few of our favorite garden scented candles.

Make an Herbal Iced Tea to Sip On


When you’re resting in a warm bath, sometimes exactly what you need is a chilled drink to sip on. Herbal iced tea is our preferred drink for our spa.

With health benefits and grounded flavor from the herbs, you can create a perfectly refreshing drink for restoration.

Try these three herbal iced tea recipes to create your spa moment.

Herb Garden What You Can Grow