How to be Your Own Wellbeing Officer

Wellbeing Officer

After a tumultuous year like 2020, it makes sense to want to blame the world for any mistakes or misfortunes that befall you. In a way, there is a large amount of truth rooted in the fact that things would be different in all of our lives if the world was in better shape – but, there is much work to be done. So, how do you deal with that?

This week, we were inspired by the piece How to be the Chief Well-being Officer in your Life by Jen Fisher, and we wanted to share our thoughts on taking control of your wellness journey. Keep reading to learn more.

What’s the Point?

In this article, Fisher explains that we all have the power and potential to be outstanding leaders of our own lives. She shares that, although we generally understand the importance of taking care of ourselves – our physical health, mental health, happiness, etc. – many simply choose not to prioritize our own wellness.

Starting your journey towards a wellness-focused life is daunting, but what’s important is to recognize what it is that you’d like to change; what aspect of your life do you want to feel better about? For Fisher, her goal in mindfulness is to “take a holistic approach, focusing on body, mind, purpose, and financial health” which will ultimately lead to a more wholesome and fulfilling lived experience for her.

How to Take Charge

Fisher notes that in order to avoid the burnout that comes along with consistently putting your own needs last, you need to be intentional and strategic. She shares a list of six steps you can take to gain more control over your happiness and wellbeing:

  1. Set Priorities
  2. Schedule It
  3. Allow for Failure
  4. Revisit Your Wellbeing Goals Regularly
  5. Find Joy and Give Thanks

Remember that the best way to truly implement these changes into your daily life is to do it one step at a time; if you try to change your world overnight, that will only lead to more stress and chaos. Be kind to yourself, and set your intentions without expectations.

Where to Start

As Fisher notes, everyone requires something different from their wellness practices, and that’s okay! What’s important is to remember not to compare your practice to someone else’s, because their life isn’t yours.

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Start the Work

Despite the fact that January first has come and gone, you can still take charge of your life and start your journey towards great changes. Give yourself the time and space to sit back and observe the wonderful changes that will slowly come to fruition. If you’re looking for some inspiration regarding making fresh starts, take a look at this article that discusses Healthy Habits in 2021.