12 Reasons Why Your Company Should Emphasize Intention

Gardenuity Team
Gardenuity Team

In a time characterized by chaos and uncertainty, emphasizing intention is a great way for your company to stay on the track to productivity and success. Intentionality creates greater opportunities for clear communication, motivation, and achieving goals in the workplace.

The arrival of the fall season is the perfect chance to emphasize the importance of intentionality for your business as a whole. Growing together as a team is important, especially now with so many teams working away from the physical office.

Take a look at these 12 Reasons Why Your Company Should Emphasize Intention this season.

1. Find Clarity

When you set your intentions for the day, week, month or even year, you are creating a structure that supports clarity. Clarity is important because it promotes likemindedness while streamlining information.

This creates easier consumption, as well as efficiency in the work of your employees. 

2. Define Who You Want to Be

When you set a clear intention for your business, you are also making a decision about who you are in the world. When this reads clearly, you can specify who your content is geared towards in consumers and workers.

Don’t be afraid to be bold in what you believe in and what you want to accomplish; define your intentions and be firm in who you are.

3. Focus on What Matters

Setting the intention for your company is the perfect way to keep your eye on the prize. When there are perpetually endless possibilities, setting a specific intention or goal is imperative to success.

When you know who you are and what is important to your company, you will find yourself better geared towards success.

Saying, “No”, can be one of the most valuable aspects of focusing on what matters for you and your company; be mindful of your goals and intentions when you are taking on new projects or opportunities.

By narrowing down what is on your plate, you are more likely to succeed with flying colors than to make it by with mediocre results.

4. Motivation

Intentionality is so motivational, especially if you are in a goal-oriented workspace. Setting the intention for your staff is a great way to finish tasks and meet goals in an efficient and cohesive manner. 

Determining an intention for your staff and business is a great way to help others have a better day. Take a look at this article from Simply + Fiercely about how intentional living helps with finding motivation.

5. Energize

When you and your staff know exactly what they are working towards, and what the benefits of achieving that goal will be, there is a palpable energy in the air. Foster that excitement of productivity by setting specific goals and intentions for your workdays. 

One great way to set intentions for your team is to have a daily conversation about what you want to accomplish! It is a simple way to establish clarity and short-term goals that are fulfilling and productive. 

6. Define Your Goals

Defining the goals of your business is an essential aspect of achieving success. Be careful to define your goals after you figure out what it is that you wish to accomplish. Setting an intention is the perfect way to create a concise list of goals- short term and long term!

Take a look at this article by Pro Staff, which talks about how to set goals and with a plan.

7. Achieve Your Goals

When you have a clear plan and intention for your company and how goals will be approached, you are on the road to success. 

One great method to fulfilling goals is to set goals on a company basis, for specific teams and on an individual level. In this way, the company, as a whole, is operating towards a common goal, while simultaneously accomplishing tasks on small and large scale projects. 

8. Highlight Areas of Improvement

By setting intentions on many levels of your company, you will find the holes or flaws in your plans. This is okay-in fact, this is great. Acknowledging failure, or moments where the plan does not work out, is a wonderful way to improve. There are bound to be bumps in the road, but keeping the big picture in mind will help you to find alternate routes to success.

9. Remain Calm and Confident

When you and your staff do not have to question what or why they are working, you are doing your part in eliminating stress from the workplace. If there is a lack of clarity in purpose or goals for your company, it is not surprising when you and your staff experience excessive stress and confusion.

In addition to setting clear intentions and goals for your business, giving your staff the opportunity to take a breather or socialize during the workday is essential for success. One fantastic way to continue with productivity and keep a calm mind is by gardening and spending some time outside. Take a look at how gardening can affect your workday here.

10. Track Progress

Track your progress when you have a clear roadmap of goals and accomplishments for your business. Setting a clear intention is an organizational tool that will help you navigate towards success by always keeping track of where you’re at.

11. Filter Out What is not Useful

Similarly to learning how to say, “no”, filtering out what is not useful to you, your business, and your staff is another benefit to staying true to your intentions. 

Stick closely to your goals and methods of achieving those goals in order to eliminate excess work that unnecessarily takes up time and energy.

12. Make a Difference

Be intentional about who you are, what you’re doing it, and how you are accomplishing your goals. In doing so, you are more equipped to engage with the world around you, and contribute positively to your community. If your contribution revolves solely around creating a positive change by offering a healthy business and working environment to your customers and staff, this is making a difference in the lives of many.

Emphasize Intention