This Season’s Best Craft Cocktail Trends

Herbs are the on-trend, palette-pleasing additions to this season of cocktail flavors.

We present you: mojitos made with thyme, rum enhanced with rosemary, and tequila taken to a new level with specialty mint. We may not have invented the craft cocktail, but we sure know how to accessorize it. 

The craft cocktail trend is tearing through the world. Restaurants, clubs, resorts, bars, and homes alike are all playing a part in the unique craft cocktail rave. Mixologists from coast-to-coast and home-to-home are ditching the sweet and sour cocktail mixes and opting for homemade syrups, sugars, and salts instead. 

This year, experiment with fresh ingredients!

Each spring, a new season of flavors comes on the scene and provides inspiration for the hottest cocktails, but in our opinion, freshly harvested herbs are the winning accessories—they’re transforming the most talked about drinks of the season. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas around this season’s cocktails, so you can celebrate in style.

PRO TIP: Taste is only part of the experience. Consider the style of it! Don’t the streamlined minimalism of the glass you serve this trendy beverage in doesn’t matter. It does—and for most of us, it brings the entire experience together. 

Here are 5 Craft Cocktail Trends for Spring 2020.

Rosemary Rave

Rosemary Cocktail Trends

For years, this herb has decorated roasted meats, vegetables and, more recently, popcorn. Now, it’s making its way onto the cocktail scene with glamour and panache.

Use a sprig as a stir-stick, or muddle the leaves into a sultry Bloody Mary, and watch this aromatic herb come into its own.  

One of our favorite ways to bring this flavorful herb to life is pairing it with grapefruit. If you’re a fan of rosemary you need to try our Rosemary Ruby Cocktail Recipe it’s a perfect mix of great spring flavor mixed with an all-time favorite herb.

Verbena Revival

Gin & Tonic With Lemon Verbena - Cocktail Trends

Often seen as the herb for sugars and teas, this green beauty will surprise you with its cocktail prowess. It partners marvelously with gin and a splash of tonic, rum, or vodka. If you’ve never had lemon verbena, you’re about to meet your new favorite flavor—It’s bright, sweet, and full of lemony zest.

To get started using fresh Lemon Verbena – try this incredible Gin & Tonic Lemon Verbena Cocktail Recipe. To get started using fresh Lemon Verbena

Mint Magic

Cucumber Mint Cooler

Mint herbs have always ruled the bar scene. But now, as new iterations pop up everywhere, mixologists are coming up with combinations that will be remembered as classics for a long time coming.

Our Cucumber Mint Gin Cooler Cocktail has been a fan favorite for several years now. The recipe provides a simple way to use fresh mint leaves in a refreshing cocktail that is easy to drink and is light on the taste buds!

Oregano Obsession

Oregano Cocktail Trends

Thanks to Tequila’s increasing popularity, Greek Oregano is about to make a splash on the cocktail scene. This Mediterranean herb is usually a favorite with pizza and pasta sauces, but it also pairs beautifully with tequila, freshly pressed peach juice, and oregano simple syrup.

Strawberry, Oregano & Grapefruit Cocktail

Stylin’ Ice

Herb Infused Ice Cubes

We often tend to ignore the value of ice, but this year, you can’t forget it. Freshly harvested herbs + ice = totally chic.

Freezing herbs into ice cubes is transforming the cocktail. With bold cube shapes and cube inspired glasses, you might be looking at your favorite of the craft cocktail trends.

For the non-drinkers out there, herbs are still the best accessory. Everyday beverages like tea, sparkling water, and water are reenergized when you add fresh herbs.

Accessories are just that, additions to an already great foundation. Gone are the days when you have to buy sprigs of wilting herbs at the local grocery store.

You can get our step-by-step guide to creating your own herb-infused ice cubes by clicking the orange link.

With Gardenuity, it’s easier than ever to have stylish, seasonal herbs right on your countertop and delicious, exciting drinks atop your table. Let your herbs do the hard work for you.

Be innovative and have fun! You’ll surprise yourself with what you come up with.

Cocktail Herb Garden