How Gardens Provide Peace | Spotlight on Grow Pro Cara Kershner

Cara Kershner - Gardenuity Grow Pro

Cara Kershner is Gardenuity’s Grow Pro Lead and our resident holistic wellness expert. She engages with many of our customers and provides key advice to keep gardens healthy and happy. Behind the curtain, she’s going to school for holistic nutrition.

We sat down this week with Cara to introduce her and to discuss the unique intersection between gardens and spiritual wellness.

Q: When were you introduced to growing?

I have been gardening since I was really little. My dad set up a huge raised bed in our backyard, and we gardened together for some time. I didn’t do it much on my own while growing up — it wasn’t until I connected with Gardenuity that I began growing again.

Q: When were you introduced to Gardenuity?

It was actually very random! I met Donna Letier, the CEO of Gardenuity, at an outdoor furniture warehouse where she was doing a Gardenuity pop-up. Studying holistic nutrition, I’m a huge advocate for growing your own food in a personal garden as a way to increase wellness, so I began speaking to her. It wasn’t much later that she offered me a job.

Q: Why do you think having a personal garden to grow your own food is so important?

When you harvest your own produce, you’re more likely to eat healthy — you’re excited about what you’ve grown and eager to try it out. Plus, you’re most likely cooking which is the fastest way to avoid processed goods in diets.

Additionally, mental health is a huge part of holistic health. Gardening is a proven way to de-stress, increase self-worth, and enjoy simple moments. It offers you a moment every day to breathe in the fresh air, notice the birds, nurture something, and appreciate what you’ve grown.

Q: How do gardens increase your spiritual wellness?

Having a designated space where I am allowed to disconnect from what’s going on in the world is imperative for me — especially in such a tech-driven world. Gardening offers me a moment to look around, clear my head, and connect with myself and nature.

Q: What do you do to keep yourself grounded everyday?

For me, it’s important to be outside — especially now with what’s going on. We’re all inside on our computers all day. Sometimes, I’ll sit inside all day and realize I haven’t even left my chair. So I try to go outside for at least 20 minutes in the middle of my day to get some sunshine. I’ll check on the garden, take a walk, or even set up a little office outside.

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