Herb Infused Ice Cubes | Recipe & Step by Step Instructions

Herb infused ice is a beautiful way to add color to your favorite beverage. Try boiling the water first for the clearest cubes to highlight your herbs.

Try combining two or three different herbs to your cocktail for an interesting profile. If you don’t want green bits floating in your drink, you can double sieve the herbs.

Herb Infused Ice Cubes

Recipe by GardenuityDifficulty: Easy


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A great way to enjoy your freshly harvested herbs – herb-infused ice cubes. It is this little attention to detail that can turn your ice water or ice tea into a special treat.


  • Ice Cube Tray

  • Fresh herbs

  • Water


  • Fill each section of an ice cube tray with fresh herbs.
  • Fill the ice cube tray with boiling water. This will blanch the herbs and help them retain their color and flavor.
  • Freeze
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