The Many Benefits of Gardening Wherever you Live: Wellness, Mindfulness & More

At Gardenuity, we know the benefits of gardening are immense. Growing can make you happier, physically healthier, and even help your family bond.

Gardening is an avenue to making a better you — one who eats healthier food, is more spiritually sound, and has better relationships. Plus, you can save money and have loads of fun on the way.

Here are the many benefits of gardening by category.

Physical Health Benefits

First and foremost, gardening is incredible for your physical health. It helps with your immune system, gives you access to the best nutrition, and boosts brain activity. Discover the 6 major health benefits of growing below.

Benefits of Gardening with Kids

Gardening is incredible for your kids’ development. It can help your kids with school, interest them in the environment, and foster a deep curiosity about the world. Not to mention, gardening with your children can become an important bonding time that you might have trouble accessing otherwise.

Wellness Benefits

Wellness is the new brand of health, encompassing the mind, body, and spirit in equal parts. Gardening offers more than just physical health — it can offer holistic benefits that will be with you forever, including improved self-worth, stress reduction, and more.

Heart Health Benefits

It turns out, gardening is specifically good for your heart. Science has shown repeatedly that people have a lesser likelihood of heart issues if they garden. Activity, lack of stress, and longevity are some of the reasons gardening helps your heart. Find out why below.

Benefits of Growing Indoors

Gardens inside offers a unique set of benefits. Whether you choose to grow in an office space or your home, there are tangible benefits to doing so, including creativity boosts, better air, and healing the mind.

Restorative Health Benefits

Growing herbs is a particularly restorative act. Herbs have been used for centuries as restorative medicines, and today, they’re no different. Gardening herbs can help clear your skin, heal mouth sores, improve your digestion, and more. Discover the restorative health benefits of herbs below.

Emotional Benefits

Our favorite benefits of gardening are the emotional benefits. Gardening is a way to access gratitude and true happiness in a long-lasting way. Whether its because growing offers you a daily reason to meditate, acknowledge the beauty in the world, or simply appreciate, gardening helps inspire a better you. Here’s how.

The only way to understand the benefits of gardening are is to start growing. You can reap the benefits of growing now, browse our garden kits, and see what you can grow today.

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