5 Wellness Benefits of Gardening | Physical & Mental

As a society, we’re acknowledging that good health is more than the lack of illness or the absence of body fat. We’re finally acknowledging that true good health is having holistic wellness or an abundance of positivity in all areas of self — emotionally, physically, and more.

This means a good community, a good sense of self-worth, mental health benefits, physical condition, and quality of life all contribute to our wellness.

Having health in all of these areas isn’t easy in the world we live in now. Often, it feels like it requires a wealth of activities that we simply don’t have time for in addition to our career, familial responsibilities, home duties, and more.

Gardening is a small, stress-free addition to our life that touches on all areas of wellness. Container gardening specifically requires little attention and reaps big rewards.

Here are 5 surprising wellness benefits of gardening.

1. Self Worth

The key to meaningful self-worth is through small accomplishment. Too often, we think that we can change our sense of self only by achieving great and wondrous things.

But, this isn’t true!

By accomplishing small tasks and new endeavors, our sense of self blossoms.

Whether you’re a novice gardener (who thinks they have a black thumb) or an experienced grower, growing in a new way for the first time can help to alter the way you see yourself for the better. Either grow your first garden or grow a new variety of vegetable!

Accomplishing a new task always feels good.

Additionally, when you garden, your sense of self-importance is increased in a positive healthful way (rather than a toxic way). Your plant(s) rely on you for their health. Gardening brings out the nurturer in you and inherently values that part of you.

Through growing, you’ll come to find that you are an important part of the world and the cycle of life and value yourself as such without elevating your worth above anyone or anything else.

2. Stress Reduction

Studies have shown that gardening reduces stress and anxiety. One particular study proved that, after 30 minutes of gardening, lowered peoples’ cortisol levels (a hormone produced by the adrenal cortex). And by self-report, their positive mood was fully restored.

Although no studies have proven this, this might be due in part to mycobacterium vaccae, a bacteria found in soil. Just by being by dirt, you inhale this bacteria.

Don’t worry: it’s actually very good for you.

This bacteria causes you to release serotonin or the happiness hormone.

Gardening boosts overall moods. More importantly, growing gives you a few minutes every day to escape the stress and anxiety of life.

3. Physical Health

If you don’t live a very active lifestyle, gardening is a great way to get outdoors and move. It may seem like small amounts of physical activity, but when your career all takes place at a desk on a computer screen, it truly makes a difference.

Gardening also encourages real nutrition. Because you’ll be eating your own harvests, you’ll be consuming the freshest ingredients around. Fresh harvests mean minimal time off the vine which means maximum nutrition and minimal inorganic processes or chemicals.

4. Community Well-Being

If you live with roommates, a spouse, or an entire family, gardening can become a real bonding activity. We call this Community Gardening.

Whether it increases time together or fosters more communication, a garden is a shared goal — and what bonds people better than a shared goal?

Additionally, growing a garden is taking care of the environment. By eating your own harvests, you’re eating locally, minimizing food miles, and raising an appreciation in the earth.

Even if you’re growing alone, you’ll be giving back to the world — a true community that needs the involvement of everyone.

5. Financial Security

Although it plays a much smaller role than the other aspects of wellness, financial security is a key part of good health. Growing and eating your own produce is a great way to save money. To optimize financial health, grow vegetables that are expensive to purchase. Then, don’t waste any of your harvest! Freeze, dry, dehydrate, or pickle everything.

I hope these wellness benefits of gardening were able to show you some of the many reasons why we’re crazy about gardening. We believe everyone can benefit from taking a second, relaxing, and tending to their garden.

It’s never the wrong time to start a garden — especially if you’re growing in a container. Check out our garden kits to get growing now.

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