Gardening Will Boost Your Heart Health | Quick Read

It’s heart health month! We all deserve healthy, happy hearts. Gardening is an incredible way to boost heart health and overall happiness. Here’s how gardening helps your heart.


gardening increasing heart health

One study shows that people aged 65-74 are much likely to live longer if they are active in retirement. As we know, the benefits of being active are not limited to the elderly — young and middle-aged people also show lesser likelihood of heart health issues if they are active throughout their life.

So what’s an active life?

As far as aerobic exercise goes, 150 minutes is the magic number for retirees. If you’re younger or capable, aim for 30 minutes per day. But (and this is a big but) aerobics is not enough on its own!

Keeps you Active

One of the keys to achieving heart health is to break up your periods of sitting with light activities — no matter what your age is. Cardiologist Professor Joep Perk said, “We know that sedentary behavior is now considered an independent risk factor for ill health.”

Active Lifestyle and Heart Health

The message is to get moving! If you work at a desk, go for a walk every hour or two. If you’re on a Netflix binge (we’re not judging), get up and tend your garden in the middle of it.

Gardening is the perfect ‘light activity’ to rely on heart health. Specifically, retirees’ risk of fatal heart attack was reduced by more than half by spending half an hour gardening every day.

Improved Mood

As if you needed more reason to garden, growing will also improve your mood hugely, even reducing depression and anxiety — another boon for heart health. Not to mention, you’ll be growing food that is incredibly healthy for you and your heart.

Rosemary on top of garlic for heart health

So get out there, grow, and love your heart a little more!

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