Maggie Kipp: Managing Partner at Anchor Capital GP | Lemon to Lemonade

Women in their 50s and beyond are showing they are unstoppable and are shattering age bias.  Almost 12 months ago a comment was made by Don Lemon, a former CNN anchor, that “women over 50 are past their prime”.  A year ago we at Gardenuity wholeheartedly disagreed and over the past year we have been sharing stories of extraordinary women who illustrate perfectly that women over 50 are finding success and changing the world for the better.   

The Gardenuity “Lemon to Lemonade” campaign is all about honoring and lifting up women who inspire, connect, contribute, and prove that their story is not finished. The women we have been honoring are proof positive that women over 50 have entered a new phase of power and growth.

We have received nominations from across the country, and we review every single amazing story. Each winner is a reminder to all of us that there’s no rush – growing older means growing wiser, bolder and better. 

This week we are excited to share the story of Maggie Kipp, a Managing Partner at Anchor Capital GP who was selected from hundreds of nominations and whose story will resonate, inform, and inspire. Maggie boasts an impressive resume, including founding the CPA firm Baker Tilly (Montgomery Coscia Grielich) North Texas Family Office practice in 2012 with a specific focus on due diligence for and management of client private equity transactions and investments. 

She is a proud, distinguished alumnus from The University of Texas, McCombs School of Business. In addition to these accomplishments, Maggie has over 27 years of operational and strategic accounting and finance experience scaling privately owned operating businesses and managing private equity investments and partnerships for family offices. 

Always armed with brilliant ideas, experience, and the energy of a 20-something, Maggies is making an impact on society, businesses, and the community.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to speak with and learn from Maggie, and we hope you enjoy reading about her as much as we have loved getting to know her.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Maggie would describe herself as optimistic, energetic, and hopeful. Kipp believes that not only believing the best in others but also working hard to help others be the best has allowed her to succeed with long-term growth in mind. 

If you could champion one cause, what would it be?

Kipp would champion sobriety. She explained that “sobriety encompasses hope and beautiful hard work combined”.  It gives people who previously had no hope the power and push to become active and positive people, as well as give back to others. Maggie has been proudly sober since December 3, 2017. 

What lessons have you learned that you would like to pass on to your children?

Maggie has an 11 and 14-year-old daughter. The lessons she would like to pass on to them are as follows:

  1. You have to work continuously – learning, growing, building relationships, and being kind to others every single day. 
  2. Hard work and resulting success are daily practices that build upon themselves. 
  3. Having a career, earning your own money, and supporting her daughters are some of the most beautiful, life-giving things Maggie has ever done. The act of loving her career and making her own money has been an amazing part of her life, her sobriety, and her purpose.  

What are your greatest over fifty accomplishments?

Recognizing the many beautiful connections and valuable relationships has been one of the most wonderful gifts of turning 50 on January 5th. Kipp looks around and gets to see childhood and professional relationships that have developed throughout her life and the past few years. 

You are wise, you have experience, you know your worth, and you speak your mind- What do you love most about being over 50?

Kipp’s favorite thing about being 50 is feeling increasingly confident in herself while respecting others’ opinions – which allows her to share kindly, honestly, and firmly what she believes. This new shill and freedom of expression are ones that she is excited to grow upon in this new decade.