Gardening for a Better Night of Sleep

Feeling well-rested is easily placed on the back burner in terms of priority in our lives. Despite the importance of getting a full night of sleep, every night, this is the first thing to go once our lives become ridden with tasks and stress. We need sleep in order to continue functioning happily and healthy each and every day.

If you are looking for an answer to help you get more sleep at night, consider spending more time in your garden. Keep reading to learn what gardening can do for you and your body to allow you to relax into the deep sleep of your dreams.

Why Is Sleep Important?

Sleep is essential for leading a healthy lifestyle. While everyone responds differently to different amounts of sleep, getting at least 8 hours is recommended for feeling the best. Allowing your body to sleep is also giving your mind and body a chance to recharge, and prepare for a new day. Sleeping also keeps the body strong enough to ward off ailments and diseases. At a time like this, during a global health crisis, we all need to be heavily prioritizing our sleep schedules!

Why Can’t I Sleep?

If you cannot sleep, even if you’re tired, take it as a sign that you need to do some internal reflecting to find a more deeply rooted issue. Often, this is a result of inconsistent sleeping patterns, anxiety, depression, blue light, too much caffeine, or even a result of unhealthy eating habits. 

How Can Gardening Help Me Sleep Better?

To put it simply, gardening is good for you. Gardening is a relaxing, even meditative practice that can help ease the mind into a more calm and open state. In addition to this, gardening also reduces stress, anxiety, and even symptoms of depression. Spending time in your garden is fulfilling in a way that allows you to be proud of yourself for nurturing the growth of another being, and also calms your mind. 

The University of Oxford, in their article Having Trouble Sleeping? Try Gardening notes that “Gardening is, in and of itself, a positive, forward-looking activity.” The proof is in the pudding here; give yourself the opportunity to find a brighter perspective, and look forward with your garden. 

Gardening is also considered to be a mild physical activity, depending on the scale of your gardening endeavors. Physical activity is crucial to the mind and body’s ability to feel tired, and to maintain healthy habits such as eating and drinking water. 

Start your Growth

Getting out into the garden will give you so much more than just a great night of sleep. Give yourself the chance to genuinely feel better when you spend time in your garden. You will be amazed at the levity of your heart when you extend your energy to help something else to grow and prosper. Take home a customized garden kit today, and start a journey for forever – you truly will not regret it.