Why Gardening is about More than the Harvest

In a society where everything is a means to an end, it makes sense that we often see a growing season as a waiting period for our harvests. In reality, this is the truth! That said, when we look at the world in this way, we are missing out on all of the gifts that this life has laid out for us.

When you grow a garden, there are a million moments between planting your plants and reaping their harvest. When you take the time to truly recognize and appreciate these moments, you will also have a newfound gratitude for what your garden has grown for you. Take a look to find out why gardening is about so much more than just the harvest. 

Finding Gratitude

If there is one lesson that our gardens will teach us time and time again, it is to find gratitude in everything. Even if it is something as miniscule as the unfurling of a new leaf, or the blossoming of a rosemary plant into flowers – being grateful for these moments allows you to hold them more tenderly. 

Rachel Andes

If you can go about your day and see things with wonder and curiosity, imagine how much more full your heart can be. It is also important to acknowledge that being mindful of the world around you does not take time out of your day; you can still be productive, busy and on-the-go while also finding moments of beauty. It all comes down to wanting to see the world differently. Our gardens can teach us how to do that. 

More than the Harvest

When we spend time in the garden, most of that time is spent leading up to the harvest. This means that all of the hours spent devoted to the careful growth of our plants are also being devoted to the careful growth of ourselves. In reality, growth in life never ceases; even after a harvest, or a success, us and our gardens will need to find ways to continue growing. 

Our gardens give us a chance to settle into ourselves; to take a deep breath, and take a step away from the chaos of the world in order to just be. Gardening relieves stress, helps you to keep a clear mind, and helps you find a sense of fulfillment and purpose, even on the dreariest of days. Take a moment of quiet in your garden to reconnect

Indeed, gardening is about more than just the harvest. It is about the experience of extending yourself to nurture something else to life. It is about giving yourself the time to be kind to the Earth, and be kind to your mind and body. It is about seeking beauty in even the smallest of victories; the smallest signs of growth. Afterall, nobody can argue that growth is growth. 

Grow Good

If you are feeling disconnected, distracted or discouraged, consider adopting a garden of your own to work through these feelings. It is guaranteed that, if you stick with it, you will be able to see the goodness in you and around you. Get started on your journey today