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Red Amaryllis Corporate Gift Giving for 2020

If you truly want to express gratitude this year, there’s nothing that says, “Thank You”, like giving the gift of growth. This holiday season, you can demonstrate your appreciation for your teammates, cohort, bosses or employees by sharing with them the gift of gardening, growing, well being and time.

No matter whether you’re sharing your gratitude with a team you admire, or your own colleagues, a thoughtful gift is a wonderful way to let people know they’re doing a great job, and that you care about their work. It’s important to create opportunities for positive feedback in order to foster a thriving work environment; give the gift of growth to encourage your team to keep growing this season. 

Keep reading to learn about our Corporate Gift Giving Program, ideas on thoughtful gifting, and how you can share an experience that will make a lasting impact on the lives of your peers. 

Why are Thoughtful Gifts Important?

When you are giving someone a gift, it is crucial to consider the intention behind what you wish the gift to communicate. For example, when you choose to give an employee a gift to express your appreciation for their hard work, you need to ensure that your gift reflects the nature of the gesture you wish to make. 

How to Give a Thoughtful Gift

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your idea of what the perfect gift is. In reality, what you should be considering is who you’re giving the gift to, and what will make them feel the most special. According to this article by dignify, you need to ask yourself the following questions the next time you want to buy someone a gift:

  • Does the gift make the person feel known?
  • Does the gift have a story behind it?
  • Does the gift encourage a sense of connection?
  • Why is the gift being given? (context, occasion & intention)
  • What more can the gift give?

The last question is perfectly answered by giving a garden as a gift this year; when a garden is grown, it provides a lasting series of gifts with each herb and veggie harvest that the recipient reaps. 

If you are looking for additional gift inspiration, take a look at our article on 7 Experiential Gift Ideas for Those you Love

Gardenuity’s Corporate Gift Giving Program

Gardenuity Corporate Gift Giving

One of our biggest goals, from the beginning, has always been to share the joys of gardening with our beloved community. In this turbulent world, people are brought together through growing good; there is an indisputable joy that your garden provides with each “I grew that” moment. 

The Corporate Gift Giving Program was developed as an opportunity for the experience of growing a garden to create positive reinforcement in the workplace. When someone receives a garden as a gift, they will always recall the journey from when they received it, to how their garden is thriving now; this model of natural growth is a great reminder for what we strive for in our work every day. 

This year, as you consider how you’ll demonstrate your appreciation for your cohort, be sure to give a gift that will actually impact their lives; consider giving the gift of the exciting journey that is growing a Gardenuity Container Garden. We promise an exciting and memorable gifting experience through our Match capabilities, which can include personal touches for each garden being given.

Be the Better Company

It’s always important to show your team that you’re willing to prioritize them when times get tough, and this year has proven to be the perfect test of this idea. Be the company that acts with integrity, and puts the health and wellbeing of their employees first – give your team the opportunity to learn how to pursue a happier, healthier, and more grounded lifestyle through gardening. 

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