Corporate Wellness + Employee Wellbeing

Corporate Wellness

Employee wellbeing is everything now that the workplace looks different than it ever has before. In the midst of political, social, and global health chaos, it can be difficult for working individuals to stay level-headed and focused at work. This is why so many companies are offering unique wellness programs to their employees.

Corporate wellness is more than providing healthy snacks and gym memberships to their employees. There is a direct correlation between business success and employee wellbeing. When it comes to keeping employees healthy companies are adding opportunities in the workplace to learn about things such as nutrition, stress-management, and communication education.

Corporate wellness also includes introducing opportunities for mindfulness and physical activity to daily work practices. Companies are creating environments that work to reduce stress, not add on to it. From trainings and programs that provide employees with tools to self regulate and learn to keep their health on tract. Aside from mindfulness programs, some of the most popular wellness plans include weight-loss programs, nutritional counseling, gardening classes, and mindfulness programs.

Combined, these practices encourage a happier and more successful team – a team that feels valued and invigorated.

What is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate wellness in the workplace is any activity that promotes healthy physical and mental activity, as well as any organizational or educational information created to support healthy behavior overall. Engaging in this practice improves health outcomes overall, as well as productivity and happiness levels during the workday.

You can promote corporate wellness in a plethora of ways; the thing to keep in mind when instating these ideas, is that they are created to help you and your employees be the best version of yourselves. These activities should not be viewed as tasks or chores, rather an opportunity to take your mind off of work, while still engaging in something that positively benefits your working experience. 

Your workplace culture entirely depends on how you make your employees feel heard, supported, and valued. By introducing wellness activities to your workspace, you are affirming that you care about the holistic wellness of your employees while they are are work and at home. This strengthens your company’s culture, as well as your team’s productivity and happiness. 

How to Choose Wellness Activities

Be sure to listen to what your team members like and what they need in order to do their best work. Like we said, corporate wellness can look very different depending on the needs of your employees.

Ask yourself these questions when you are considering adopting a new wellness initiative:

  1. How does this activity keep my team engaged?
  2. Does this activity promote the learning of skills that are relevant to work being done in this workplace?
  3. Is this activity fun? 
  4. Does it help my team think in a creative way?
  5. Will my team enjoy doing this activity? 
  6. Will my team gain anything from this activity?
  7. With the activity help my team feel energized, will it feed their energy tank?

If you can confidently answer at least three of these questions, then you have found a great wellness activity to introduce to your workplace. Remember, every person on your team learns differently and enjoys different methods of relieving stress – be mindful of the different personalities you’re dealing with, and do your best to find opportunities that appeal to everyone in their own right. 

Take a look at this article by VirginPulse for more ideas to consider when choosing wellness activities for your team. 

Workplace Wellness Activity Ideas

If you are having trouble deciding what to bring to your team in order to promote wellness, first consider sending out a questionnaire inquiring about your team members’ learning styles and their hobbies. This gives you the perfect information to craft activities that will benefit the wellbeing of your team.

Below is a list of idea starters for bringing wellness into your work space.

  • Group Gardening Workshop
  • 5 Minute Stretch Break
  • Stress-Management Course
  • Empathetic Listening Course
  • Group HIIT Class
  • Group Yoga/ Pilates Class
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Cooking Workshop
  • Daily Meditation Break

With so many employees working from home embrace virtual gatherings, remember to be flexible to the times and the needs of your team.

Wellness is a habit that can be built into an inspiring culture. When we are inspired we are excited to spend our day fighting to get the job done right, to deliver on the company mission that is bigger than one person. Grow a culture that prioritizes the company vision, encourages a holistic lifestyle and encourages employees to find vitality through their work, not just at work.

Regardless of what you choose to bring to your team, they will thank you because they are human; humans in the workplace deserve to be treated as such!

It is so easy to allow yourself and your colleagues to be enveloped by your work; you must remember that your mind and body need time to be human, and time to take a break or learn information in a new way.

Be intentional about how you want to continue your growth as an employee and as an individual.

For more information on how you can provide fulfilling opportunities for wellness and support to your employees, take a look at this wonderful article written by Jim Purcell.

Grow with Your Team

We believe that bringing gardening into the workplace is the perfect opportunity to foster growth amongst your employees. On top of giving your team the chance to get their hands dirty, gardening also provides the opportunity to get outside and to focus on something fresh and exciting. 

Gardening is proven to improve moods, alleviate stress and anxiety, and (bonus) you get to grow delicious herbs and veggies.

Schedule a gardening workshop for your team to demonstrate how much you value their growth and well-being.