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When it comes to expressing gratitude, giving the gift of growth is a beautiful way to demonstrate your appreciation. This season, show your coworkers, bosses, and employees that you truly appreciate them by sending them the gift of a garden.

Gratitude is essential when it comes to communicating how you value the people in your life; whether it be colleagues from the same company, or another team that you admire, words and gestures of appreciation are a great way to keep spirits high and remind people that they’re doing a great job. Providing recognition of a job well done is also a wonderful way to create a positive work environment for your team

Gardenuity’s Corporate Gift Giving Program

At Gardenuity, we truly believe that people are brought together by growing good, and the undeniable joy that comes with each “I grew that” moment. From the beginning, we knew that one of our biggest goals would be to share the joys of gardening with as many people as possible.

We developed the Corporate Gift Giving Program as a means to create positive reinforcement through growth, as well as to make gardening as accessible as possible. When someone receives a garden as a gift, they will always recall the journey from when they received it, to how their garden is thriving now; this model of natural growth is a great reminder for what we strive for in our work every day. 

The next time you think about giving your team a gift that actually makes a difference in their lives, consider the Gardenuity gifting experience. We promise a fun and memorable gifting experience through our Match capabilities, which includes personal touches along the way – get creative!

Thoughts from Gardenuity’s Chief Operating Officer

Doug Platts Corporate Gift Giving

Doug Platts, Gardenuity’s very own Chief Operating Officer, chimed in on the values of the Corporate Gift Giving Program. He shared that there is a significant advantage in striving towards “impactful gift-giving”; you will truly reach people when they see that you’ve taken the time to consider what gift would bring them the most joy.

Platts recommends taking a look at the book, “Giftology: The Art and Science of Using Gifts to Cut Through the Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Retention”, by John Ruhlin. In this book, there are three points that Platts finds notable. He has provided a summary for us below”

  1. Whatever your budget is, identify a gift where you afford the best possible version of it. For example, if you have $100 to spend, don’t buy a watch just because the recipient likes watches; you won’t be able to afford one that really stands out. This means the chances of them wearing it and remembering you or your brand is less likely. 
  2. Research your recipient, and where possible, their family, so as to identify gifts that would be meaningful to both the recipient, and their personal relationships. For example, the gift of growing will provide surprise and delight on many levels; if the recipient enjoys cooking with fresh ingredients, has a young family, or is looking for fun outdoor activities to do at home, think of how perfect the gift of growth would be for them. Think about someone who likes to experiment with craft cocktails; consider how happy they would be to have a drink topped with a freshly harvested herb, right from their backyard!
  3. For custom gifts, don’t overdo the branding. As much as you want to remind the recipient of your company, if the gift has a large logo, or is overly branded, they may not want to have it on display at home or in their office. Let them remember you because of how much the gift meant to them.

Give the Gift of Growth

Make the choice to show how much you care by paying a little extra attention, and giving the gift that will make a lasting impression on your cohort – give the gift of growth, joy, and fresh, home-grown herbs and vegetables. What could be better?