5 Ways to Safely Celebrate The Holidays with Your Team

Safe Holiday Team Gatherings

The holiday season is just around the corner, and this year it brings with it the magic of the unknown. What we do know is that the need to adapt continues in the pursuit to find a way to safely celebrate the joy and warmth of the holidays with your cherished team. When you demonstrate that you value your team’s health and safety above all else, you are fostering a workplace culture that encourages people to do their best work.

So, don’t lose your holiday spirit just yet!

Even though this year looks different than ever before, it still holds a bounty of possibilities for you to celebrate with your cohort in a meaningful way.

Keep your chin up, and get creative with this list of 5 Ways to Celebrate the Season with your Team. 

The Importance of Remote Engagement

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We’ve been working remotely for long enough to recognize the importance of maintaining high levels of engagement in the workplace. This also means that we have experienced how difficult of a task that keeping employees interested, involved, and productive can be. 

According to this article by OfficeVibe, the three most important aspects of keeping your team engaged are providing a sense of purpose, giving the opportunity to continue to learn and grow, and allowing the chance to create substantial relationships with coworkers. 

That said, a great way to reignite the excitement of the workplace is to share an experience of good, old-fashioned team bonding. What better a reason to celebrate than to share in the gratitude of the hard work that your team puts in all year round? This holiday season, express your appreciation by providing a safe opportunity for your team to celebrate together. 

5 Ways to Remotely Celebrate The Holidays with Your Team

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  1. Host an Interactive Workshop
    • There’s truly nothing that shows your team that you care more than providing an experience that is thoughtful and fun. When you host a workshop that your employees can participate in from home and learn something new alongside their colleagues, you’re creating the opportunity for new bonds to be made. Better yet, host a Gardenuity Container Gardening Workshop, and give your team the gift of growth this holiday season!
  2. Team Dinner – Get Cooking
    • Sharing the joys of a delicious meal is an experience that is irreplaceable. This season, share a meal with your team to celebrate the holidays! Instead of simply covering the expenses of ordering out, start up a Zoom room and expense the ingredients needed for everyone to make the same recipe together. This way, you’re creating something delicious as a team, and you can all sit down and enjoy your hard work together, too. Bonus points if you’re using fresh ingredients from your home gardens, or if you host a Gardenuity Patio to Plate event!
  3. Virtual Secret Santa
    • Everybody loves receiving gifts, and nothing is more exciting than finding the perfect gift for your teammate. Host a Zoom meeting to do a Secret Santa gift exchange with your team; it’s a classic holiday event and it’s a great way to get to know your cohort!
  4. Virtual Holiday Happy Hour
    • The Virtual Happy Hour is back, but this time with a twist. Instead of simply going online to have drinks at the same time as your team, share the experience of creating a craft cocktail together. Find a holiday cocktail recipe that everyone will be able to make, and mix it up together, workshop style. 
  5. Virtual Scavenger Hunt
    • Friendly competition is a sure-fire way to initiate team bonding and wholesome fun amongst your colleagues. Host a virtual scavenger hunt over Zoom, and have your team divide into breakout rooms; whichever team finds everything on the list first, wins a prize! You can create your own list, or you can follow the one provided by TeamBuilding.com.
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