Cinco de Mayo Recipes to Spice Up Your Fiesta

Cinco De Mayo Recipes

Cinco de Mayo is a time to celebrate Mexican culture with tasty dishes and drinks. From the classic taco recipes, to margaritas, to a whole slew of salsas, these recipes are the perfect way to spice up your fiesta.

Here are a few Cinco de Mayo recipes you’ll love.

Margarita Recipes

Margarita with Salt for Cinco de Mayo

First things first: the booze. There’s no better opportunity for a delicious margarita than a Cinco de Mayo celebration. This year, try a variety of twists on the classic Margarita.

The delicious jalapeño margarita has a spicy flair, while the grapefruit margarita adds a slight bitterness that perfectly balances out the drink. For our healthier drinkers: try the green kale margarita for a leafy green twist.

Salsa Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Roasted Tomato Salsa

Salsa is a Cinco de Mayo must. There’s no such thing as a good Mexican meal with chips and salsa on the side! These three salsa recipes are our favorites: one red, one green, and one a little bit sweet.

First up is our roasted tomato salsa with jalapeños for a bit of spice. Our herb-infused salsa verde is a tangy sauce that’s delicious for dipping or marinating. Then, try our sweet strawberry salsa with a bit of honey and a bit of spice.

Guacamole Recipe for Cinco de Mayo

Guacamole with Lime & Cilantro

Guacamole is in its own league of dip. Whether you’re dipping tortilla chips, carrot sticks, or fajitas, this guacamole recipe is a must. Creamy and tangy, this guacamole recipe adds fresh cilantro to seal the deal.

Taco Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Taco Topping Garden with Tacos

An array of tacos is a must for any Cinco de Mayo celebration (especially since Cinco de Mayo falls on Taco Tuesday this year). These 5 taco recipes are the ones we return to over and over again — from Baja shrimp tacos, to Texas Chile short rib, to a vegetarian taco.

Chicken Enchiladas Verde Recipe

If you’re feeling fancy, go the whole hog this Cinco de Mayo by cooking Chicken Enchiladas Verde. This recipe is the traditional version with a fresh tomatillo sauce and a savory chicken filling. The secret to the sauce is using your fresh oregano harvests!

Chicken Enchiladas Verde Recipe

Churros & Chocolate Recipe

Churros & chocolate are the classic Mexican dessert that we can’t get enough of. They’re casual and incredibly tasty, somehow emitting both childlike elation and pastry sophistication. These sweet pastries will steal the show this Cinco de Mayo.

Authentic Spanish Churros Recipe

CInco de Mayo Recipes - Taco Topping Garden