5 Taco Recipes You’ll Drool Over

Grilled Shrimp Tacos

Our taco toppings garden kit is ready to grow which means taco night is now every night. These 5 taco recipes are our absolute favorite taco recipes out there. You’ll be surprised how much more you enjoy your tacos with freshly harvested veggies atop.

Family Style Turkey Taco Night

Whether you’re feeding a family of 5 or having your friends over for taco Tuesday, this recipe is perfect. It’s super simple (takes less than 30 minutes to prepare everything) and very tasty. With lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, and a delicious turkey filling, you have a buffet-style dinner dream. Find the recipe here.

Baja Shrimp Tacos

These baja shrimp tacos are a tasty treat. Lightly fried shrimp with tangy coleslaw creates a balanced flavor profile. This recipe features one of our favorite herbs (cilantro) and a pop of lime to finish it off. Go to real simple for step by step instructions.

Classic Beef Taco

Our list of taco recipes wouldn’t be complete without a classic beef taco. Seasoned with chili powder, paprika, cumin, and crushed red pepper, the ground beef is tender and flavorful. Top with your favorite veggies, your choice of taco shell, and enjoy this recipe by Ree Drummond.

Texas Chile Short Rib Tacos

We wouldn’t be a proper Texan company if we didn’t include some Texas style tacos. These chile short rib tacos from Food & Wine are utterly divine. It’s a little more complicated than our other recipes, but it’s totally worth your time. The secret ingredient to the stellar sauce? Chocolate. Check the recipe out to see what all they hype’s about.

Taco Recipe

Vegetarian Tacos

For all our veggie lovers out there! These epic vegetarian tacos include refried pinto beans, quick pickled onion, creamy avocado sauce, and cilantro. They’re so full of flavor, you won’t even miss the meat. Go to Cookie and Kate for the full recipe.

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