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In a world that is hyper-focused on climbing the ladder or constantly getting better, it’s terribly easy to lose sight of what brings true meaning to our lives in general. Even the act of incorporating healthy habits into our lives is often diluted by lack of intentions or wanting change for unfulfilling reasons.

Making strides towards a healthier lifestyle and greater levels of happiness should go hand in hand; after all, you are the only one who is in control of how much you do or don’t enjoy your experiences. Take your happiness into your own hands and make some positive adjustments to your daily routine. 

This week, we were able to chat with our head of Grow Pro, Cara Kershner, about her three daily habits for prioritizing happiness and wellness. Take a look.

Reduce the Noise

Creating, producing, and outputting are three aspects of life that can absolutely drain a person of energy and time. In our society, productivity is always on a pedestal, and our output is often seen as the most invaluable part of ourselves in general.

While we do agree that maximizing productivity is fulfilling in its own right, we want to emphasize that maintaining a healthy balance between work and life is what’s really important here. After all, what kind of life do you really have if all you do is work the days away?

Reduce the noise of constant business and productivity, and take some time to make adjustments simply for the sake of enjoyment and happiness. Remember, enjoying your life more doesn’t mean that you’re doing less or being less efficient; on the contrary, you’re making more space in order to do your best work in the long run.

Cara’s Daily Routine

Cara In Garden

Here at Gardenuity, we like to believe that there is an immense amount of power in nurturing a daily ritual. Whether you start your day with fifteen minutes in your garden, or you wake up and take your furry friend on a walk around the block, taking special moments to exhale and appreciate throughout your day is vital.

Cara shared with us the three things she aims to do daily in order to maintain balance, clarity and happiness. 

  1. “I keep my body moving. Whether it is yoga or stretching morning and night, or going for a walk on my lunch break – daily movement is important to maintain joint health and lymphatic drainage. 
  2. “I eat organic, whole foods. Processed and ‘junk’ foods can make you feel sluggish; they are low in nutrients, and they don’t give back to your mind and body.” 
  3. “I take quiet moments for myself. This could mean reading a book, meditating, spending time in nature or in my garden. 

“In between all of those things,” Cara said, “it is important to stay hydrated! One of my favorite things to drink is herbal tea; it’s calming, and it’s loaded with anti-inflammatory polyphenols.”

Adding an herbal tea to your daily ritual is a great way to make a small change in your life that has a large impact on your experience. One trending fad in the health world currently is fasting teas; while fasting can be harmful if not approached with strategy and healthy intentions, feeding your body with delicious teas is a great habit to adopt. To learn more about healthy fasting methods, take a look at this article by healthline.

Grow Happiness

It’s surprisingly easy to make small alterations to your lifestyle that aim more towards being kind to yourself and less towards running yourself into the ground. Stay grounded and happy with little, mindful changes, and you won’t be sorry. Get out into your garden, take a deep breath, and remember all that you have to be thankful for – then enjoy your day!