Growing Time: Lessons from the Pros on Managing Time as a Resource

Tips from two entrepreneurs on finding extra time in your day.

In this moment where we are all trying to fit more into every day than is actually possible, we asked the pros their tips on managing to-do lists, staying organized, and how to find time to do the things that bring us joy.

People across Texas are getting it all done, and the duo behind the successful Premier Concierge company share their advice on how to stay organized, get it all done in a day, and how to combat sentimentality. Monique and Tricia, owners of Premier Concierge – a reimagined lifestyle assistant concierge service is all about helping people get it all done.

Monique and Tricia - Premier Concierge

Monique and Tricia are both Gardenuity customers and have shared with us their favorite advice, methods, trials and tribulations of helping people grow extra time in their day. They have truly reimagined concierge service and the concept of getting back time and control. 

We hope that you find their advice as beneficial as we did.

What is Premier Concierge?

The easy button for finding more time in your day. Helping people unlock extra time in their lives- Tricia and Monique have reimagined and grown a fresh approach to the concierge service. Time is everyone’s most precious asset and something no one has figured out how to grow more of except those who have discovered Tricia and Monique. The duo that helps people across Texas with the little things that can take up so much of your day.

“We are lifestyle assistants, whether you need help finding the perfect gift for a colleague, getting invitations printed to finding the perfect sofa for your new home.” We focus on helping others reclaim their own time. No matter the task at hand, you can keep control over your time with the help of Premier Concierge’s time management expertise.

“Whether you’re buying a new house, wardrobe, doing cleaning,” said Tricia, “it all involves a plan. Perfection is the enemy of good – there’s no perfect time, you just need to do a little bit at a time.” “We use the community we know to help get things accomplished for our customers. We help them grow a little extra well-being into their day.” Monique

What Has Gardening Taught You About Finding Balance?

Since we were introducing the joy of gardening to our clients we decided to try it ourselves. The experience, both personally and professionally, was a reminder as entrepreneurs to slow down, keep it simple, appreciate the journey, and celebrate the harvest. 

How Do You Stay Organized?

Monique and Tricia shared that making a plan of action is imperative when it comes to making headway in organizing your life. “The plan has to be in writing,” Tricia explained, “you have to break it down into bits, think ‘what’s the first step?’ The easiest thing in the world is to do something ahead of time with a plan.”

Monique explained that they always want to know “what the most important thing that (their clients) would like to accomplish first is, and then that’s how we start a plan. People don’t consider that they might need to start somewhere else before they can get to their big intention.”

Organizational Advice from Premier Concierge

Taking small, sustainable amounts of time dedicated to organizing and maintaining your schedule or space is the most effective way to keep yourself organized. “15-minute bites help so much,” Tricia stated, “take it bits at a time and organize as you go.”

“Identifying what you want makes it easier to find your answer. Then, you need to ask the right question first – what’s the most important goal in this task?”

Tricia said that “people who hire (them) see things as such chaos that they can’t move forward.

We ask them: what’s it supposed to be, how do you want to use it, and how do you want to use your time here? What do you want out of this space?”

The next time you find yourself embarking on a daunting organizational task, consider asking yourself these questions, and you will find that you are less intimidated, as well as more motivated by a clear intention.

Combatting Sentimentality

We all have those sentimental objects that are just so difficult to part ways with. When you really think about it, allowing your space to be taken up by things that you cannot or will not use is a disservice to yourself.

“Bless it and release it.”

Tricia & Monique – Premier Concierge

“When something is sentimental, pick one piece, one bowl, one teapot, and then bless and release it,” Tricia and Monique shared, “It’s not your job to give a whole set to somebody else. Your job is just to be able to manage your area. It’s the memories that you’re holding onto, not the whole set of china or silver that you will just end up needing to polish.”

You Can Do It

Remember, you’re in charge of how you experience your time and space; you have the power to make it an enjoyable and smooth experience, just by dedicating a little bit more energy to clearing things up. There’s nothing wrong with needing some expert advice, or a little push in the right direction, either.

The owners of Premier Concierge can help out with events, travel, last-minute dinner reservations, decorating, dog walking  or finding the perfect gift for that hard to shop for friend.  Referred to as “lifesavers” these two founders enable clients to optimize their time.

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