What to Grow in Small Spaces – Balconies, Patios & Apartments

When people think gardens, they think luscious green yards with rows of veggies and patches of berries, ripe for the picking. What they don’t think? Cramped apartments and patio-less urban spaces. So how do you grow in small spaces?

Growing on a small balcony

We don’t think anyone should be excluded from the joy of growing — whether you’re living with a backyard or not. Here’s what to grow in small spaces, where to grow it, and how to make your mini garden thrive.

What to Grow

Say it with me… HERBS.

Basil, oregano, rosemary, parsley, cilantro…with herbs, there’s something for everyone. If you’re making cocktails on the reg, basil and mint are good picks for you. If you’re into Mexican cuisine, cilantro is the key to the best salsa in the world.

Not only is growing herbs super trendy and a journey for aaalll your senses, but growing herbs is also the absolute, hands-down best thing to grow if you live in a small or urban space. Herbs don’t require a lot of soil to root, so in a container garden, they won’t take up much space. We’re talking windowsill size.

Grow in small spaces

Where to Grow

Our Inbox of Herbs is exactly 5″ x 5″ x 4.75″. Herbs make great windowsill plants, coffee table eye candy, or kitchen friends. If you’re lucky enough to have a small patio or balcony, place your plant outside!

The key is to make sure your herbs get the right amount of light wherever they’re growing. (So probably not in that one dark corner of your apartment). If you have any questions about sunlight needs for specific herbs, contact our Grow Pro team.

How to Grow

With container gardens, it’s really simple. You simply get the right soil and seeds, plant, and watch it grow!

It’s important to water your herbs correctly (and not too often). The most common reason for plant death is overwatering. We recommend about once every other day for indoor herbs, but the best way to know if your plant is thirsty or not is to simply check!

Stick your thumb about an inch deep in the soil. If the dirt is dry, it’s time to water. Otherwise, wait another day.

Our second growing tip is to watch the weather. All plants need sunlight to grow, so be sure your herbs are in a place where they can get the proper amount of sunlight — especially if they’re indoors. Find your windows!

It’s equally important to watch out for rainstorms, extreme heat, cold, etc. Extreme weather of any kind can be dangerous for your gardens. The best solution is to simply bring your garden indoors (a huge plus for small-space growers is that most of your gardens are moveable). If you grow with us, you’ll get weather alerts telling you to bring the garden inside, which saves you the hassle of watching the forecast.

Our mission is to help everyone grow. So, city dwellers and yard-less people, we’ve got your backs. Get growing!