When to Water Your Plants | Grow Pro Tips

Knowing when to water your plants is one of the hardest parts of growing. Our Grow Pros are here to help! Here’s everything you need to know about when to water and when to wait.

when to water your plants

Avoid Overwatering

Overwatering is the number one reason plants die, so it’s important to recognize when to water and when to let your plants be. The good news is that Gardenuity Grow Bags, it’s hard to overwater because our soil has great drainage and our bags breathe! Avoid overwatering by simply checking the soil.

How Often to Water

Watering is really no different from your own thirst needs. When dehydrated, you need more water. Drink too much water and you’ll become very ill. In the cool season when the days are short, you won’t need to water as often as you do during the heat of the summer.

Generally, through the fall, winter and early spring, you won’t need to water daily unless you are experiencing strong winds. In any case, check the soil regularly and always check the soil before watering.

Use the Thumb Test

My general rule of thumb is to literally stick my thumb into the top one inch of soil.

Brie Arthur, VP of Horticulture

Stick your thumb into the top inch of soil. If it feels moist, don’t water. If the soil feels on the dryer side, water. In the heat of summer, it’s good to check every day…sometimes even twice a day! In the cooler months, try to check the top two inches for moisture.

Watch the Foliage

Another way to tell when to water your plants is by watching the foliage. If your plants are wilting, they’re thirsty. Heat-stressed plants are especially prone to drooping, so give them a drink and possibly even move them into the shade.

PRO TIP: Giving them a drink in the morning will help have better-prepared plants for the afternoon heat.

If you have any other questions about how or when to water your plants, feel free to reach out to our Grow Pro team for help at growpro@gardenuity.com.