Enhance Your Meal Kit | From Home Delivered to Homegrown

Dining at home is cooler than ever. Whether you’re a single woman, coupled up man, or have a whole family in tow, nothing sounds better (or healthier) than a delicious restaurant-style meal with a glass of wine. But, many people have taken it a step further and enhance their meal kit, or take out, by transforming their meal from homemade to homegrown.

Enhanced Meal Kit Taco

Meal Kit delivery services, like Blue Apron and Sun Basket, are making eating healthy, classy, and tasty food from home a reality. But, why not step it up another level? From homemade to homegrown.

Here’s how you can use your Gardenuity Grow Kit delivery to enhance your meal kit delivery.

Spice Up Your Delivery

This week, Sun Basket is delivering Hominy and Kale Quesadillas and  Chicken and Basil Stir-Fry with Jade Rice. Blue Apron is delivering Vegetable Lo Mein and Sweet and Spicy Chicken Stir-Fry with Rich & Sow Peas.

So, snip off some of your healthy herb harvest (from your inbox of herbs or MoGrow Herb Garden) and garnish away! Throwing on fresh garnishes elevates the flavor of any meal and adds that extra je ne said quoi to your meal.

Check out our favorite veggie/herb pairings and use it as a cheat sheet as you match your meal to your herb.

Enhance Your Meal

Adding your fresh harvests to your meals — whether they’re made from scratch or with your meal kit delivery — enhances your meal more than just by flavor. The patio to plate experience is one of happiness, pride, and gratitude. Turn your already delicious home-cooked meal into a #igrewthat moment.

The joy of harvesting is real (and so is the joy of bragging of a home-grown meal)! Whether you’re enhancing your meal with juicy red tomatoes or a sprig of rosemary, you’ll be happier you did so.

Cilantro to Enhance Meal Kit

Meal kit delivery services are making cooking easy and accessible and sometimes takeout is your best option for a busy weeknight. Whatever way you choose to get your meals on the table it is always great to be able to add a touch of flavor to your plate. If you are a fan of the meal kit service where you choose your meals, and they deliver meal kits directly to your door, complete with step-by-step instructions and the exact amount and type of ingredients you need.

The goal? To reduce waste, to promote healthy and quality ingredients, and to help people find the joy of a home-cooked meal.

3 steps to a happier life: Order, Make, Enjoy.

That’s not far from the Gardenuity mission! We match you to plants you can grow and you choose your favorite. We deliver a garden with step-by-step instructions, all the ingredients you need, then you assemble your garden. After, you experience the grow and the joy of the harvest.

Take your meal to the next level — from home-made to home-grown. It’ll taste fresher and feel happier!