20 Summer Activity Ideas & Recipes To Try

Donna & Julie - Summer Activity Ideas

Hello, summer.

Not technically, but it feels like the start of summer, it always does to me, Memorial Day is my unofficial start to the summer season.  This summer is different, and we are compiling a list of summer activity ideas to do this summer, we have been getting recommendations from our customers, partners, and those on our team. 

Over the next few weeks, we will share these ideas with you and would love to hear how you are filling your summer days and nights.  

We have divided the ideas up into 4 categories.

We have compiled a list of 20 Summer Activity Ideas for you to try this summer!

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Food & Beverage

Summer Margaritas

Learn how to make better smoothies with this recipe from Delish!

Make Ice Tea Ice Cubes- Nothing screams summer like ice tea & lemonade. Now you can combine both with a lemonade iced tea ice cubes. Here’s the recipe!

Pickle some Peppers- Here’s a quick pickled peppers recipe to help you get started!

Have a picnic on the patio! Here are 15 picnic recipes to help get you started! 

Find your signature cocktail and deliver it to your friends. You can search our garden-inspired cocktail recipes to help find inspiration!

Learn how to make bread – Here are some homemade bread recipes to help get you started!


This summer, freshen up your favorite space at home! This can be incredibly beneficial if you have been in your house for prolonged hours & days during Quarantine.

Decorate your patio! It’s crazy what adding a few pieces of decor can do for your backyard. We put together 5 Patio Trends for 2019 that still ring true today!

You can keep fresh bouquets of flowers around, bringing life to any room.

Bouquet of Flowers with Jalapenos

Refresh your desk or workspace at home. If you have been working at home due to Quarantine this is a perfect time to give your workspace a makeover! We interviewed the COO of Vari Jeff Lamb to get his take on The Home Office.

Just For Me

Sign Up for MasterClass– these are awesome and I can go to class anytime I want to. MasterClass has tons of different topics you can learn from and they use top-notch instructors.

Join a virtual book club. We understand with Quarantine not everyone can join an in-person book club. Virtual Book Clubs can provide all the same benefits and you can enjoy it all from the comfort of your own home.

Learn to Rollerskate, it turns out it is really good for your mental health

I LOVE SMORES! They remind me of summertime. You can make them the traditional way, over a campfire, or you can make them in your oven. Whatever tools you have at your disposal you can still make this classic summertime dessert. We found 12 Great Smores Recipes from Food and Wine that we think you’ll love!

Volunteer– Volunteering isn’t just great for your community but, its also therapeutic to yourself. There’s something about helping others that is empowering and provides a sense of purpose that I can’t describe.

Family Fun

Summer Activity Ideas - Pistachio Ice Cream

Get your Kids in the Kitchen with these fun ideas

You can create Herb Infused Ice Cubes Herbs

Make some Ice Cream, we love these Herb Ice Cream Recipes from Yummly. There are over 850+ Herb Ice Cream Recipes you can choose from. So rest assured there’s one that you will love!

Teach Your Kids the Joy of Gardening! To get started, you can read our blog on gardening with your kids.

Set up a scavenger hunt at home.

Organize a block party! It’s a great time to get to know your neighbors and your kids will have an absolute blast! We love this post from The Spruce that gives you step by step instructions to organize your own neighborhood block party.

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