Patio Trends 2019: Taking Life Outdoors

The hottest trends of 2019 highlight many of our favorite things: new colors (we’re keeping an eye on those muted pastels), exciting flavors (hellooo florals and botanicals), and innovative hobbies (we’re always ready to try something new).

One of the best? 2019’s fresh take on patio décor. These 5 patio garden trends are coming on strong in 2019 and will help you turn your outdoor space — whatever the size — into a place to grow gardens, have great conversations, and gather your loved ones.

Small Vignettes

patio garden trends

Create mini seating areas outdoors! You’ll appreciate the cozy indoor feel of it. Nowadays, outdoor furniture looks and feels like indoor furniture (but is much more hardy) and has now been downsized to fit balconies and patios of any size. When creating your vignette, keep it clutter-free and use clean lines. This will provide a sense of openness to your patio. Small vignettes are the key patio garden trend of 2019 — perfect for watching TV, having wine with friends, or catching up on weekend reading.

Layering Sustainability

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Sustainability is trending worldwide and has sneaked its way into the hottest patio garden trends. Growing your own herbs or leafy greens on your patio puts a spin on patio design and is more and more popular with many outdoor designers — especially if the goal is to bring the indoors out. By combining garden-friendly panache with a designer finish, consumers will find themselves spending more and more time outdoors (and saving the world in the process!).

Standout Accessories

Patio with chairs sitting around a fire

Versatility is always key to patio design. Focus on accessories that move easily from indoor to outdoor. The new designer favorite? A fresh take on lighting. Think outside the box? Why shouldn’t your outdoor lighting be as chic as your indoor? Lamps, chandeliers, pendants are wonderful fixtures for covered patios and balconies. With outdoor lighting, you can perfectly curate the atmosphere of the space for the next event.

Mixing fabrics

patio garden trends

Color is always an exciting trend to play with. This year, lilac gray, soft clay, and dark greens take the spotlight. Carefully curating color pallets will help your indoor living space seamlessly flow to your outdoor living space, helping to merge your space.  Additionally, don’t be afraid of textures! Use more texture outdoor than you would indoor — the décor will seem more organic amongst its outdoor setting.

Edible Gardens

patio garden trends

Is there anything more fashionable than reaching over and plucking a fresh herb from your garden to add to your evening cocktail (that you’re having on your patio, of course)? Veggie, Herb, and Cocktail Gardens are essentially edible décor — both visually stunning, fragrant, and utterly delicious. Mobile garden caddies are the patio garden trend version of the indoor bar. By moving your cocktail and herb gardens around, you bring a living conversation piece to the scene.

We hope these patio garden trends should inspire you, but ultimately décor is meant to be personal! It’s a reflection of you and what makes you comfortable in your space. So decorate your patio in a way helps you enjoy your outdoor space — whatever the season.

Check out our interview with Heather Bloom of Design Roots for even more patio decor tips!

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