Gardening With Kids: 3 Reasons You Should

Child Gardening With Gardenuity

We would do anything for our kids. Whatever it takes to make them happier and healthier, right? But how do we do this in a holistic way? Without simultaneously setting unachievable expectations and standards for our children — ones that can accidentally be detrimental?

Gardening with kids is one of the best things you can do for your kids. You’ll raise children with better brains, healthier bodies, and happier souls by growing with them. This small and seemingly incidental activity can cultivate young bodies that are stronger, kinder, smarter, and with fuller family relationships.

Here are 3 reasons why gardening with kids is good for them.

1. Better Brain

Kids Gardening

Gardening with kids provides healthy harvests to eat. A lot of these harvests, including veggies and herbs, impart invaluable nutrients for growing brains.

More importantly, a growing journey offers opportunities for education! One study showed that kids who garden often score higher in science achievement.

As you grow with your young child, science concepts will come up — ones that will be valuable to them later. On your growing journey, talk about photosynthesis, soil composition, climate change, etc. You can also use gardening as an opportunity to teach a little math by measuring stalks or counting petals.

The more time you spend with your kid, the more their education is in your hands. So be wise about what you do and say while you’re with them. Gardening is a fun, easy, and responsible way to help boost their brainpower.

2. Healthier Body

Gardening with kids can also help them with their physical health. First, they’ll be inspired to eat the vitamin-rich healthy harvests they’re growing — and hopefully develop a taste for these veggies! Half the battle of raising healthy children is getting growing kids the nutrients their bodies needs, so gardening is an easy way to get them excited about good foods.

Turns out, dirt itself is also important. Lack of childhood exposure to the soil is hypothesized to increases a child’s susceptibility to asthma, allergies, and autoimmune disorders. So if you live in an urban area or your kid is addicted to their iPad, gardening can offer at least one time a day where your child is exposed to dirt.

Lastly, you can never get too much physical activity and sunshine — an inevitability in growing. Gardening tasks can also promote motor skills and strength, which help develop young bodies into capable teenagers.

3. Happier Soul

Child Gardening Holding Radishes

Our favorite byproduct of gardening with kids is the happiness you foster as you grow. Meaningful family connections and communication are incredibly important to young bodies. Growing with your child creates time every day that you spend together and talk — no matter how busy you both are.

Further, gardening teaches respect for our planet and helps kids understand the responsibility they have for the Earth. As you grow, you’ll be raising kids who have awareness and appreciation for the environment — something our world definitely needs more of.

Not to mention, there’s nothing more fulfilling than saying, “I grew that!” Kids will feel the joy of harvest as much, if not more, than any adult. The small successes and hard work paying off boosts their self-esteem and motivates them looking forward.

It always easier to transition into a gardening family when the entire family takes part. Check out our bit on tips to get the family growing!

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