Science Says ‘Savoring’ is the Key to Happiness | What it is & How to Do It

Man Savoring

Psychology is endlessly looking for ways to understand this question:

What makes someone happy?

Meditation, gratitude, relationships, hobbies…the answers are endless, and they all play a role in creating a healthy, fulfilled life.

One of the practices of a happy person is an art that psychologists have coined “savoring.” Allegedly, savoring is the key to a truly happy life.

So, what is savoring? And how can you savor?

Here are the answers.

What is Savoring?

Savoring is the act of amplifying the positive moments in your life — and not just big successes. When you savor, you practice acknowledging and truly appreciating all of the positivity in your life, from the color of the sky, to a meal, to a smile from a friend.

Different from meditating, when you savor, you notice and magnify the positive aspects of a situation or thing. In this way, you intensify the good in your life and increase your happiness and overall life satisfaction.

How to Savor

To savor, notice and appreciate deeply. Then, hone in on the positive aspects and intensify those things. Extend the moment, and then release it with gratitude.

Here are a few specific ways to help you practice savoring.

Stop and Smell the Roses

Savoring the Moment

Literally, stop and smell the roses. Nature is a great way to begin a practice of savoring because nature is mostly positive. The outdoors’ beauty lends itself to the art of savoring.

When you leave your house for the day, notice the color of the sky and find the beauty in it. As you’re tending your garden, smell the flowers and focus on how divine they smell. Take a walk and really hone in on the beauty of a nearby park.

With nature, the opportunity to recognize the positive is endless. Whether you live in a city or in the woods, take a moment to stop and smell the roses and savor the beauty.

Don’t Multitask

Woman Multitasking

At its core, multitasking contradicts the act of savoring. When you multitask, you prevent your brain from focusing on one task, let alone from focusing on just the positive of a specific thing. Forcing yourself to do one thing at a time

Next time you eat dinner, turn off the TV and focus on the deliciousness of your meal. The next time you’re talking to a friend, turn off your phone and focus on the moment.

By doing one thing at a time, you can begin savoring in a more consistent way throughout your day.

Take a Moment to Reflect, Be Present, & Project

Part of savoring is to reflect on the past, be present in the current moment, and occasionally project into the future.

Each day, take a few minutes to express gratitude for your past — in whatever way that is. Remind yourself of the beauty of your own life experiences and appreciate them.

Then, throughout your day, be present in the moment! Maintaining a present mind that is firmly set in the current moment allows you to enjoy your life in a deep and meaningful way.

Lastly, take a moment each day to savor the future — the good of what is to come. For five minutes a day, ditch all fears and uncertainties about the future. Instead, practice appreciation and even excitement for what’s to come.

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