The Beautiful Benefits of Container Gardening

benefits of container gardening

Container gardening is all the rave right now — and for good reason! It outshines traditional gardening in a lot of ways, especially for the urbanite, growing novice, space or time-restricted.

Here are 10 of our favorite benefits of container gardening that will convince you to get dirty with us.

1. Zero space constraints

Gardenuity container garden

It doesn’t matter if you’re living on a farm, in the middle of Manhattan, or on a boat, container gardening can work for you. Just match the size of the container and crop as you need. Balcony, patio, courtyard, indoors, rooftops, boat decks — wherever it is, you can grow!

2. Crop variety

Thanks to the ability to carefully curate the perfect soil, you can grow plants that you may not be able to in your natural garden soil. In fact, you can even alter your soil blend to perfectly suit your plant’s needs. Additionally, in a traditional garden, there are restrictions about what can grow next to each other. In containers, you can choose exactly which plants you want to grow and where to put them.

3. Accessible to everyone

Container gardening makes gardening accessible to everyone — from children to elderly to those with limited mobility. No squatting, no walking all the way out to the backyard, and no long days in the brutal summer sun. Literally, anyone can container garden. How amazing is that?

4. No weeds, no pests, no disease

Multiple Container Gardens

In a container garden, there’s not very much surface area, so weeds are highly unlikely (whew!). Plants in containers are also way less likely to incur disease, and pests are unlikely to find your container garden. This means less upkeep and higher success rates.

5. Save your money, save your backs

With container gardening, there’s no need for heavy equipment or bowing to the ground to weed, observe, and harvest — which means your backs will be happier. Plus, you can save money on fertilizer, equipment, and big tools. Instead, opt for our garden kits or leftover cans.

6. Absolute mobility

You can easily move containers inside in case of severe weather or unexpected cold. In fact, at Gardenuity, we have a system where we notify you of inclement weather and tell you to take your plants indoors.

Or maybe you just want some change—a different porch feng shui.

Simply roll it or pick it up to move it. No problem.

7. Immediate use

herbs on windowsill

Harvest and use immediately. It can be as easy as snipping fresh leaves off your herb plant above your kitchen sink and immediately placing in the desired recipe. No walking required.

8. Patio decór

Plants are beautiful! Doesn’t your indoor and porch/patio space deserve that same organic appeal? Fill your patio or porch with plants and enjoy the aesthetic. It’s a serious 2019 design trend.

9. Reduce food miles

Growing your own food allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. The veggies/herbs you buy at the supermarket are usually not local, which means they’ve traveled quite a way to get to you — often, your garlic is actually coming from China. By container gardening even a few veggies, you’re significantly reducing the environmental cost.

10. More control (great for beginners!)

If your climate is tricky, you’re new to gardening or don’t have time to manage a whole bed, container gardening is ideal. With less to look after, it’s much easier to control the impact of weather, water, sun, and more. With our container gardens, we offer step-by-step instruction and through-harvest advice. Basically, the ultimate control.

happiness is a benefit of container gardening

We hope that these benefits of container gardening allowed you to find a way that gardening can improve your life! Container gardening is such a fun and unique way to experience gardening. It might just be our favorite way of gardening.

What will you begin growing now?

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