Jalapeno & Rosemary Martini Recipe With Video How-To

There’s nothing that we love more than enjoying a bit of spice as the heat of summer settles into fall. Enjoying this jalapeno and rosemary martini is a fabulous way to reap the benefits of your herb and vegetable gardens, while winding down after a long day. 

Spicy cocktails are a trend we are loving this year; making your own at home and using fresh ingredients from your own garden is bound to make your cocktail just that much more refreshing. This delicious drink gives you the fresh bite of rosemary sprigs, while following up with that jalapeno heat that you know and love. 

While jalapeno is typically paired with tequila-based cocktails, we are bringing you this martini recipe to shake things up a bit. This jalapeno and rosemary martini recipe is a remix of your classic martini, made with your choice of vodka or gin. 

Grab your chilled martini glasses, cocktail shaker, and strainer, and get ready to be your own bartender with this fantastic jalapeno and rosemary martini.

Additions and Options

When it comes to the classic martini, the necessary ingredients include the vodka or gin, the olives, and the vermouth. Aside from these staples, the world is your oyster in regard to how you want to mix up your martini recipe. 

This jalapeno and rosemary martini is the perfect way to add some spice to your life, while not straying too far from the classic martini recipe.

Another jalapeno martini recipe that we love is this Jalapeno & Parsley Martini recipe from We Are Not Martha. This recipe is equally as delicious, and still gives you the perfect opportunity to harvest your cocktail garden kit.

Another herb that can replace rosemary sprigs in this recipe is fresh basil. We love our fresh basil because it tastes delicious in just about anything! This recipe is no exception to that rule; add in fresh basil instead of (or in addition to!) the fresh rosemary for an equally fresh, slightly sweeter flavor. 

Food to Pair With

When looking for the perfect dish to pair with your spicy martini, we say that spice compliments spice; a delicious fresh salsa would be a great appetizer to match with your jalapeno and rosemary martini.

Check out our Herb Infused Salsa Verde Recipe for the perfect snack to pair with your spicy martini. 

If you are looking to add a little sweetness to your palette, we recommend trying this Sweet & Spicy Mango Salsa Recipe from rosemary & rye. This salsa is a delicious addition to your chips and salsa spread; it would also be great topping some homemade tacos or nachos.

Take a look at these Creative Taco Recipes for inspiration.

Tools You’ll Need

To make this recipe you will need the following tools:

  • Chilled martini glasses
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Cocktail strainer

Jalapeno & Rosemary Martini Recipe

Recipe by GardenuityCourse: DrinksCuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Easy


Prep time






  • 3 Jalapeño stuffed olives, in brine

  • 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh rosemary

  • 1 sprig of fresh rosemary

  • 2.5 oz of vodka or gin

  • 1/2 oz of dry vermouth

  • Ice


  • Combine the olives, chopped rosemary and 3 shots of olive juice (brine) and refrigerate.
  • Freeze your martini glasses at least 15 minutes before making the drink.
  • Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add vodka, vermouth and chilled rosemary and olive juice and shake well. 
  • Strain into a martini glass, garnish with a rosemary spear and olives.

Recipe Video

Helpful Tips

In order to pull the most potent flavor out of your fresh rosemary sprigs, rub them between your fingers for about 10 seconds before adding it to your creation. 

If you like your martinis dirty, add as much olive juice to your cocktail as you’d like. Conversely, if you are not a fan of that briny flavor, you can hold back on the olive juice and add more vermouth.

For an extra cold, refreshing martini experience, make sure to put your martini glasses in the freezer at least 15 minutes before you plan to enjoy your drink. Chilled martini glasses are the cherry on top of a delicious craft cocktail creation. 


Get started with mixing up your fresh and spicy martini, and enjoy. If you are loving this spicy cocktail trend as much as we are, take a look at our Spicy Strawberry Basil Margarita that you are bound to enjoy.

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