Female Entrepreneurs Share their Favorite Businesses

Long before influencing became a sustainable career path, women have been majorly influencing purchasing behavior. Supporting a brand or a company that you appreciate can be as simple as promoting them to your friends and family; an enthusiastic recommendation goes a long way. 

Every time you recommend a brand or a business to someone else, you are acting as an influencer. This is exciting because it’s so easy to positively impact a business that you care about! The next time you find a business that you want to support, think about sending them along to someone who would be interested in their products; you’d be surprised to find out how effective this form of promotion is.

This week, we talked to three female entrepreneurs who wanted to share some of their favorite brands and businesses. 

How Can You Influence?

Influencing can be as simple as supporting a brand that you love. Influencing can also involve listening to the needs and wants of your community, and deciding how to best fulfill them. 

To act as an extremely effective influencer, you need to be observant, listen closely, and keep in mind the perspective of your audience. By honing in on these skills, you can promote brands, business and opportunities that positively impact your community. Influencing in this way is fulfilling because you’re contributing helpful information to people you care about, as well as helping brands you care about.

If you’re considering promoting a brand or business, ask yourself how this business is helping the people around you! This is a great way to remain purposeful in your actions, while also being an active member of your community. Take a look at this article by Roffey Park Institute to learn more about Influencing Skills

Simple Habit | Meditation App

Tinsley Merrill

Tinsley Merrill is one of the amazing female entrepreneurs who shared the brands she was most excited about with us. Merrill the co-founder of the awesome new business, Pairr. Pairr is a platform that connects people in a meaningful way based on life experiences that are tailored to the individual’s interests. 

Tinsley wanted to share the app Simple Habit, which was developed by Yunha Kim. Simple Habit is an award-winning app that was designed to be used for daily empowerment and stress relief. 

“I recently picked up meditation, and it has made a huge impact on my life,” Merrill shares. “Simple Habit is a great way to slowly enhance your lifestyle through meditation.”

If you feel overwhelmed, or too busy to find time for relaxation, consider trying out Simple Habit! The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Tinsley highly recommends this app for those who feel overwhelmed by their schedule. She says, “When life feels stressful or challenging, Simple Habit makes it easier to find time to reduce stress, sharpen focus, and breathe easier.”

Dr. Caroline Leaf | Wellbeing

Dana Williams shared with us some of her favorite brands and entrepreneurs this week. Williams is a Strategic Marketing Advisor, Traveler and CliftonStrengths Certified Coach who is surrounded by entrepreneurs in her life. 

Dana Williams

Dana wanted to share her excitement about the work that Dr. Caroline Leaf is doing. Dr. Caroline Leaf is a wellness doctor who is a communication pathologist and a cognitive neuroscientist. 

Dr. Leaf is a New York Times bestselling author, and she also teaches and hosts academic and medical conferences. Her work focuses on making, “mental health care more affordable, applicable, and accessible worldwide, and to reduce the stigma around mental health.”

Dr. Leaf has a podcast, a blog, a store and an app that all aim to improve your daily mental health and overall sense of happiness. Check out Dr. Leaf’s groundbreaking work on her website, https://drleaf.com/

Diligent Robotics | Andrea Thomaz & Vivian Chu

Julie Eggers also shared with us some of her favorite businesses! Julie is a co-founder of Gardenuity, and we love her fresh perspective and attention to detail. 

Julie Eggers
Julie Eggers

Julie wanted to share her excitement about the brand, Diligent Robotics. This brand was recently developed by Andrea Thomaz and Vivian Chu. Diligent Robotics is responsible for the creation of Moxi, who is a clinical robot that helps people in a hospital setting. 

“One of the things I admire most about the founders of Diligent is their deep understanding of not only their product, but of the consumer perspective.” Eggers shares. 

One of the goals that Diligent Robotics had in creating Moxi was creating an opportunity for clinical staff to have more time for patient care throughout their day; Moxi specializes in non-patient tasks so that doctors have more time to establish personal connections with their patients. 

“By truly understanding their customers’ needs and perceptions,” Eggers says, “they build understanding, and ultimately trust that will continue to drive their business forward.”

To learn more about Diligent Robotics and the fantastic work they are doing to help others, check out their website here

ZD Concierge Services, Prose and Branch Basics are three Companies Donna Letier is quick to share.

ZD Concierge Services, founded by Zoe Dinerstein is the perfect example of someone who activity embraces challenges with solutions. Her new company, ZD Concierge Services is supporting production sets, offices, and store fronts as they manage through COVID-19. “Zoe became a Certified COVID-19 Compliance Officer and is finishing her World Health Organization Certifications so she can be the positive conduit for helping big and small business get back to work safely” Donna Letier.

Branch Basics and Prose are also brands Donna is quick to share. “Both companies personalize their product and the experience to fit the need of the consumer. These brands are perfect examples of remarkable retail. Branch Basics is a Texas based million dollar brand that makes all purpose, non-toxic cleaning products. This extraordinary brand educates its customers and fans about the importance of detoxing your home to be free of toxins- the three women behind the brand have personalized the idea of keeping things clean.

Prose Hair has finally brought real personalization to hair care. They customize their products for each user and the results are extraordinary. The products are data-driven and ingredient-centric and best of all they work.

Prose, Branch Basics and ZD Concierge Services are all about personalization, in their products and the overall experience. They all excel at creating a genuinely personal experience online and off. The products they offer are relevant and fans coast to coast.