Recharge Your Battery – How To Avoid Burnout

In a world that constantly demands so much of our time, attention, and energy, it is exhausting simply to go through the motions of daily life. It is important to recognize this, and to honor it as a fact of existence in our tech-savvy and ultra-accessible society. 

When we spend time going, and going, and going … we eventually reach a point where we burn out; our battery is out of juice, and we need to recharge. Recharging looks different for everybody, and this is great. What’s important is to practice the awareness that is necessary to realize when you are approaching burnout, and to create a practice that allows you to take a deep breath and recharge. 

What is Burnout?

Burnout happens when we do not give ourselves enough time to recuperate. You can burnout as a result of prolonged periods of intense stress, or prolonged periods of being on – we need time to turn off in a consistent and sustainable way. 

According to Calmer, there are 5 Stages of Burnout:

  1. Honeymoon Phase
  2. Onset of Stress
  3. Chronic Stress
  4. Burnout
  5. Habitual Burnout

When reading through these stages, it is easy to recognize that it does not take long to move from one stage to the next. This leads us to the cycle of living in a world that consists of habitual burnout. This way of living is not sustainable or enjoyable for anyone; it is imperative to work on breaking these habits to find a more kind and calm way of managing your life. 

How to Recharge

Recharging your battery and bringing more space, joy, and relaxation into your life can look however you need it to look. If you enjoy a night of solitude with a book you just cannot put down, make sure to give yourself the time to do that at least once a week. If you would prefer to socialize in order to relieve stress, prioritize seeing your loved ones regularly and often!

If you find that you’re addicted to your wild lifestyle or your all-too-demanding job, start small by granting yourself permission to take a step back. This can be for 1 hour a week, or for one night a week; wherever you are ready to start. The reality is that making changes in your routine is also stressful in and of itself, and that is okay. What is important is that you remain true to yourself and the need to give your brain a break. 

Start a Garden

If you do not have any hobbies that bring you peace of mind and a chance to rest your body, start your own garden. At the end of the day, gardening is just so good for you; it helps relieve stress and anxiety, it helps to connect you to your physical body and the earth, and it gives you the opportunity to make peace with your thoughts. 

Set Yourself Up to be Sustainable

You can make this life a joyous and beautiful experience; it does not have to be ridden with stress, long nights and an inability to connect with the things and people that make you happy. After all, we are not our work – we are complex beings that have so much to offer to the world. So, this week, give yourself the space to step back and recharge. This is the start of a beautiful new beginning. 

Gardening To Avoid Burnout