Raising Environmental Awareness in Children

Child putting together his gardenuity garden

In an increasingly technological world, how do you raise kids that love and respect the Earth? Raising environmental awareness in children can be tricky, but the best thing you can do for your child is to get them outside and growing.

Here’s why gardening is the best way to increase your kids’ awareness of the Earth.

Opportunity to Educate Verbally

As you grow with your young child, there’s lots of time to talk and educate. Science concepts will inevitably come up as they begin to question what they see. As you assemble the soil, talk about the composition of dirt. As you water your plants, you can talk about photosynthesis.

Not only does this give you a chance to educate your kids about the growing process, but you’ll also have chances to talk about sustainability, climate change, water preservation, etc. How your kids learn about the Earth is directly in your hands!

environmental awareness in children being exemplified

Respect for the Earth

Gardening also teaches respect for our planet and helps kids understand the responsibility they have for the Earth. As they watch a seed bloom into a veggie, they’ll develop an appreciation for the Earth’s processes. The awe they feel as they watch their garden grow will stay with them forever. After all, who can watch the growing process without developing respect for the Earth?

You’ll be raising environmental awareness in children who also have a deep and lasting appreciation for the Earth — something our world definitely needs more of.

Active Participation in Sustainability

Gardening with kids opens an opportunity to teach kids about food miles, sustainability, and natural resources. Growing at home is a great way to be more sustainable — you’ll be saving food miles (the miles produce travels from farm to the grocery store), reducing your carbon footprint, and adding natural beauty to the Earth.

As you harvest, you have the opportunity to talk to your children about the positive impact their garden has made on the world. This will inspire them and encourage them to continue to take an active part in being green throughout their entire lives.

We need children who are invested in protecting the earth and protecting our foods — children who understand that if you plant a seed, not only are you going to get something back from the earth, but you’re going to plant a future for yourself.

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