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Gardenuity Gatherings Garden Workshop

Experience Growing in a Whole New Way

Our Gardenuity Gatherings event have been a huge hit, and they’re one our of favorite parts of our job. At each event, we bring the local community together, learn new things about growing, and enjoy great eats.

Each of our events are carefully curated with our guests in mind and are always infused with fun. We showcase extraordinary brands, innovative artisans, and great plants. Every event is designed to balance fun with a little bit of growing knowledge and the pleasures of food and drink

Inspired by the garden, we use fresh harvests to build a foodscape that feels good, tastes great, and is easy to setup for 10-100 guests. We play with dirt and eat really well.

Donna Letier, CEO of Gardenuity
Gardenuity Gathering Table Top Set Up

From pepper parties, to cocktail mixology gatherings, to the upcoming watercolor & herb workshop, we want our classes to be what the community wants.

Alex Young of Eat Style Dallas, a men’s lifestyle blog (that we love!) for the dapper Dallasite, has been to several of our events — specifically our cocktail garden party and the pepper party.

Donna Letier and Alex Young

He says, “Me not having the biggest green thumb, it’s been great to have the real-time tips and tricks to keep your plants alive and thriving. But it also becomes a bonding situation whenever you’ve got your hands dirty and you’re learning how to keep your plants alive. “

D Magazine Donna Letier and Cassidy Najarian

One of our favorite reporters from D Magazine, Cassidy Najarian, also came to our pepper party and speaks to the inspirational nature of growing, saying, “I realized that being a bonafide gardener is not about know-how or green thumbs. It’s about taking pride in your work and appreciating what goes into a successful garden.”

Since the events, Alex has kept up with his gardens. He uses his fresh basil harvests to create Whole 30 friendly pestos and his newly mature jalapeños to spice up his life. “Being a busy and novice grower, I’d encourage people to start creating in their own backyard. It’s so gratifying!”

What’s Coming Up

We’re coming fresh off our latest event and immediately looking forward to what’s next. On August 14, we have a Grazing Board + Herb Garden Workshop, followed by Foliage + Follain on August 15, a Mixology Class + Cocktail Garden Workshop on September 10, a Watercolor Workshop on September 12 and a Brush & Botany Class on September 14.

Follow this events page or our Facebook page to keep up with the latest events.

Our Gardenuity Gatherings are about encouraging people to go out on a limb and grow! We know there’s nothing as satisfying as harvesting from your own garden, and we want you to know that too.

To learn more about the Gardenuity Gatherings and the people behind them check out our post with Beth Susens, one of the many women responsible for creating these wonderful events!

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