8 Quick Quarantine Father’s Day Ideas for 2020

Father’s Day 2020. With the global pandemic still in full swing, it’s trickier than usual to celebrate dads everywhere.

However, you don’t need to lose any of the excitement and love that you usually have for Dad. There are equally fun ways to celebrate the men in your family while staying home or staying socially distant.

Doug Platts with Wife and Child for Father's Day

Here are 8 Father’s Day Ideas to celebrate Father’s Day in quarantine.

1. At-Home Beer Tasting

It’s universal: dads love beer. While going to a bar might seem risky (depending on where you live), you can still have a successful beer night together. Many local breweries are offering pick-up services. Bring all his favorite beers home and drink them together.

Or, just pick up a 12 pack from the gas station. Time together is the most important thing!

2. Learn Something New Together

No matter how old you are, it’s always a joy to start a new hobby with your father. Your dad will love the quality time and conversation learning something new together offers — not to mention the benefits of trying new things.

Ideally, choose something that you can do regularly together — consistent time with one another is a way to nurture your relationship with your dad.

Tennis, cooking, container gardening…these are all great socially distant options for new hobbies with your dad.

Alternatively, order a masterclass together! Take this opportunity to encourage your dad to do the thing he’s always wanted to do but never got around to.

3. Camp in your Backyard

This idea is particularly successful if you have young ones in the home.

Nothing is more exciting to a kid than setting up a tent in your backyard. It will get you all out of the house and away from the screens.

Cook s’mores, tell fireside stories, and gaze up at the stars. It’s true family bonding time!

4. Host a Spa Day

Even dads need to be pampered sometimes.

This Father’s Day, host an at-home spa day for your dad. Whether you hire a professional to come in and give him a massage or it’s on the simpler end, he will still enjoy feeling like the center of attention.

We suggest herbal baths, kale face masks, and a bit of plant-side meditation. There are tons of options to have a spa day — find your favorite and get a move on!

5. Have a Grill Day

Father's Day Ideas: Father's Day Grill Day

There is no more quintessential Father’s Day than outdoor grilling. If you have a grill at home, use it this Father’s Day! Give him a break from cooking and make delicious meals on your grill — from hamburgers, to veggies, to pineapple. Recline in some outdoor patio and enjoy the sun!

If you’re new to the grill, here are a few summer grilling tips to make you feel like a pro.

6. Movie Night

Rosemary Popcorn for Father's Day Movie Night

Movie night is a classic and always a beloved activity. Give him ultimate film choosing power, set up pillows (and a projector if you have one), pop some popcorn, and cuddle up to dad.

7. Deliver His Favorite Meal

If you live in a different state or are socially distancing from Dad right now, surprise him by delivering him his favorite meal or dessert. Put his address into UberEats or GrubHub and send him a surprise treat on Father’s Day. He and his taste buds will be oh-so-happy.

8. FaceTime Virtually

Father's Day Ideas: FaceTime

No matter where you are or how you’re quarantining, be sure to give your dad a call on FaceTime or Zoom. He will love hearing and seeing from you — it’s the best gift you can give him!

We hope that these Father’s Day Ideas helped you spark an idea on how you can spend this special day with the special man in your life.

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