It’s National Bosses Day!

The leaders. The visionaries. The CEOs. The founders. The Moms. The Dads. The philanthropists. Even the grocery store clerks. These are all people that we, at Gardenuity, would consider to be a boss.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word “boss” can be a noun, adjective, and verb. The exact definition is as follows: “a person who is in charge of a worker, group, or organization; giving (someone) orders in a domineering manner; or excellent and outstanding.” 

When we think of a boss, we normally think of the head honcho who is swinging a big stick, barking commands, and the sole person who generally causes us anxiety and stress during the day. However, a boss can also be the people who are excellent or outstanding in the little day-to-day things that they do, as well as the way that they lift us up and make us feel.

A mom is the epitome of a boss.

They go to work, feed the family, console their children, and do about every little behind the scenes task necessary to keep the house running and the people in the house surviving. 

In terms of a work environment, a boss can make or break the experience of their employees. We are accustomed to hearing the horror stories of bosses: unrelatable, over-demanding, and well, horrible. But, what about all of the amazing bosses out there?

Many bosses, especially today, have begun to understand the necessity for work-life balance, mental health days, and the other important aspects of life that need to take precedent. 

Good Leadership = Happy Employees

Thrive Global founder, Arianna Huffington, is an example of a great boss. She leads by example, brings creativity to everyday, and listens with joy.

Thrive Global helps employers and employees globally focus on well-being. They are truly redefining work, productivity, and well-being. At Thrive they know that employee well-being is not a benefit, it is a strategy for success. The culture at Thrive is built around the belief and practice that when you take care of yourself the work is always better. From Thrive time, to flexible holidays the benefits at Thrive go beyond the norm and are a direct reflection of Ariannas Leadership style.

Another example is that of Gardenuity, itself. Gardenuity gives their employees a “Grow Well Day”, where they can spend their time doing whatever they choose to do. The only requirement is that all team members come back to share with the group what they did on their day off and why it was an experience that helped them grow in some way. 

Celebrate All the Bosses!

All of the good bosses out there deserve to be celebrated. What better way to spread some positive energy than a Gardenuity Desktop Garden. Gardenuity is on a mission to make gardening accessible to everyone. It does not matter if you do not live in a house with a big yard, or have ample time and money to tend to your garden. Gardenuity offers an elegant yet simple way to start and maintain a garden, no matter your circumstances. We believe that nothing should stop you from receiving the bountiful benefits of gardening and greenery. 

Desktop plants are a great gift to grow the levels of contentment, peace, and calm in your boss’s life. Try gifting that boss man or lady in your life with anything from a Fern Garden, a Tropical Garden, or a Succulent Garden to add a little splash of color to their day and show how much you appreciate them.