Leadership Focus Story: Matt Altman

Matt Altman is the newest member of the Gardenuity Team. Matt’s role is the Corporate Partnership Lead and focus is to expand the corporate footprint by bringing gardening workshops to companies for wellness and connection.

We talked to Matt about his background, his ideas regarding his self-care practices, and a speed round of all of his favorites. 

What initially drew you to work at Gardenuity?

Matt had a conversation with Gardenuity’s CEO, Donna, that immediately drew him in. He mentioned that it was difficult to not jump into the opportunity due to Donna’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion for the business. 

What is your favorite thing about working at Gardenuity, so far?

Matt is based out of New York City, but he had the opportunity to come to Gardenuity’s headquarters in Dallas to meet the team. He told us that the best part about Gardenuity is the team. The positive energy that radiates from everyone who works at Gardenuity is infectious. Matt explained that it is very clear that every team member shares the combined goal to grow the company and spread their passion for well-being. 

What did you do prior to Gardenuity?

Before his role at Gardenuity, Matt worked in medical device sales for four years. This job consisted of selling orthopedic equipment, and eventually surgical equipment, as well. Matt said he is excited about this new role at Gardenuity because he believes he has transitioned from helping people in a very direct way, with medical sales, to helping people in a more indirect way through gardening and its benefits on mental health 

Do you garden?

Living in New York City, Matt has not exactly begun his gardening journey. But, now that he is a part of the Gardenuity team, he is excited to get his hands dirty and dig into a new phase of life with his Grow Bag! Although he has yet to discover his green thumb, Matt loves all things wellness. He is very passionate about his personal health, as well as fitness, food, and his relationships.

What is your favorite self-care or wellness routine?

Matt enjoys practicing self-care by going to the gym or by taking a break from work to take a stroll in Central Park, take his shoes off to ground himself to the earth, and enjoy a healing stretch. 

If someone had 24 hours in NYC, what would you tell them to do?

As a citizen of NYC, we had to ask Matt all of the questions we need to know about the city. If it was a beautiful day outside, he would recommend a trip to Central Park and roam around. Central Park is so beautiful and unique, and it is cool to see the skyscrapers surrounding the greens. 

At night, it is essential to venture to Scalinatella to enjoy chicken parmesan, followed by a cool rooftop bar to enjoy the city from above. 

Question speed round:

  1. Where are you from originally?  New Fairfield, Connecticut 
  1. Favorite cocktail? Tequila soda 
  1. Favorite plant? Citrus trees
  1. Favorite food? Fruit (He would want his last meal on earth to be an acai bowl from the Sunrise Shack in Hawaii.)
  1. Favorite thing to do besides gardening? Travel (His most recent adventure was a trip to Oahu, Hawaii.)

We invite you to connect with Matt and let him personally introduce you to Gardenuity and the wellness trend of gardens and gardening experiences. Matt Altman