Let September Astonish | Letter from Donna Letier

August has moved into September, which undoubtedly remains one of my favorite months of the year. Not just as a result of the fresh candy corn now lining store shelves, but because it feels like a sweet, fresh start; September brings a sense of anticipation and excitement to what lies ahead. 

It feels challenging, this year, to see September as a time to plan what’s next; we are still traversing the changes that continue to arrive with the remainder of 2020. I often think about those working from home for the first time, and the stay at home parents who are now sharing their 9-5 space with a partner; people trying to set their own boundaries, and those who find themselves as teachers and tutors in addition to their full-time jobs. How does the arrival of this September feel for them?

So, I find myself wondering what it means to be astonished. The travail of beginning a new September with a fresh perspective feels daunting. This year, the activities of September will undoubtedly be different so I am determined to relish in the presence of my loved ones, to create a season that will help me find wonder again and relish in feeling astonished by the season. 

Astonishment gets me out of my own way; it is a stream of creative consciousness. Astonishment encourages me to find a deeper connection with myself and others. Coupled with the newness of the fall season and this fresh September, I have decided that my month will be focused on the concept of astonishment.

When I look at the love between my two girls, Madison and Jillian, I wonder how I became so lucky to be able to witness such a true compassion shared between sisters. I continue to be amazed by the love I have found with Scott, and how his love for our girls overflows. I am in awe of the business that the Gardenuity team is growing; astounded by their ability to continuously meet the needs of the customers who are growing with us across the country. 

Astonishment manifests itself when I read emails from customers experiencing the joy of a harvest for the first time; their excitement is so tangible. Their sense of amazement brings joy to my heart, because I feel it too! From their rooftops in San Francisco, their fire escapes in New York City, and their patios in Dallas, so many people have been able to experience astonishing growth with us.

I wonder why we allow so much time to slip away with the task of being one step ahead; I wonder what it is that stops people from slowing down, and being utterly astonished by all that is growing around us in present time. The good things. The undeniable delight of life unfurling leaf by leaf, sprouting from our hands and right before our eyes. 

Over the past few weeks, I have found myself thinking about the enormity of astonishment. I believe it’s there, amidst the news, the pain, the constant shifts, changes and challenges— astonishment prevails. 

It is my hope that this Labor Day you will revive what may be exhausted; that you can open your eyes to the abundance of life that is growing in you and around you. Remember that practicing gratitude creates so many opportunities to feel blessed. I hope that as we take on this September, we can see the world around us through a fresh pair of eyes; that we will see a world full of gratitude and astonishment, and pass that gift onto others.  

Here’s to a month of treasured, astonishing moments together.

Growing with gratitude,