The Benefits of Herbs | Do You Have Them in Your Home?

Herb Garden Growing

We all know the health benefits of herbs are many. Fresh herbs, even more so. With all that greenery and divine aroma, they simply have to be healthy. But why do you want them in your home?

From oregano, to rosemary, to parsley, to mint, here’s why herbs are good for you — from extreme health benefits, to relaxation needs, to beauty desires, to décor.

Handful of Herbs

Super Health Boosters

It’s no secret that herbs are good for you. But you’d be surprised at just how much nutrition is in herbs. Fresh herbs specifically are some of the most nutritious greens out there. When compared ounce by ounce, herbs contain much more concentrated nutritional benefits than other leafy greens. For example, fresh oregano contains eight times the amount of antioxidants as spinach and parsley contains 44 times as much vitamin C as lettuce.

Even more, herbs have been used medicinally for centuries. If eaten, peppermint can improve digestion, sage will boost your memory, rosemary can help you heal from a cold, and much more. Check out more of the incredible health benefits of herbs here.

Tastier Eats

Just as the nutrition in herbs is super concentrated, so is the flavor. All herbs contain loads of flavor in every bite. And trust us, that flavor translates phenomenally into your food.

Savory dishes, breads, desserts, butters, salts…herbs taste good in everything. Whether you’re embracing the warm woodsy flavor of rosemary (atop salmon? YUM) or the sweet florally lavender in cookies, fresh herbs make everything that comes from your kitchen tastier, fresher, and way more flavorful.

Here are 8 innovative ways to use your herbs in the kitchen. Then, browse the Gardenuity recipe collection for delicious herbaceous options.

Elevated Drinks

Herb Infused Water

At-home mixology is a major cocktail trend this year. Nothing ups your bartender game more than freshly harvested herbs. With a little flavor research (i.e. tasting), you’re set to just start throwing the combinations together. Garnish, muddle, mix — whatever. You’ll love the intense flavor and innovation herbs bring to your booze.

If you need cocktail recipes, discover this delicious jalapeño margarita or this divine basil and cucumber rum cocktail.

Psst! Alcohol isn’t everything. Herbs make divine and incredibly healthy tea and adding herbs to water makes it even more refreshing.

Personal Aromatherapy

One of our favorite aspects of having fresh herbs around is the delicious aroma they bring into your home. The divine scent of rosemary wafting through your kitchen is enough to make any home happier, but the aroma actually has good benefits!

The scents of herbs help promote a healthier mind, body, and spirit. So having herbs in your home is like having a personal aromatherapy garden.

Check out our guide to your personal aromatherapy herb garden to tap into all the benefits of herbs.

Thyme Herb Garden

Up Your Skin Game

Would you believe it if we said that having an herb garden could improve your beauty regime? Well, believe it. Herbs are incredible for your skin. Having different types of herbs on hand will bring a more natural element to your skincare routine.

Did you know?

Lavender prevents acne, basil has anti-aging properties, and sage will help close your pores. You can create facial scrubs, toners, compresses, and more using herbs straight from your garden.

If you’re looking for ease, skip the steps and just take a restorative herbal bath! Same results, aalll the relaxation.

Wellness Décor

Having herbs in your home is a beautiful way to elevate your style and add a little green into your life. Throw an herb garden on the windowsill or atop your coffee table.

Each herb has its own unique flair. Rosemary reads woodsy elegance, while parsley reads leafy, quirky, and fresh. So shop around, find the herb that has the unique aesthetic you want, and shamelessly use them as décor!

Not only is green a very trendy way to live, but it’s also extremely healthy for you. They’ll clean your indoor air, help you focus, and boost creativity. Check out our blog for more information on why having plants indoor will make you happier and healthier.

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