Restorative and Relaxing Herbal Bath Tips

Life is chaotic. So, at Gardenuity we’re always looking for ways to de-stress, relax, and reset — gardening is our absolute favorite way. But sometimes, you need to actually do nothing.

The most relaxing way to do nothing?

Take an herbal bath!

Herbal baths are an age-old idea that’s been revamped with “tub teas.” Tub teas are herbal mixtures placed in a muslin bag that you take to the bathtub with you. Simply let it soak and let the herbs do their job. With the gorgeous smell and topical benefits of many herbs, you’ll have the utmost relaxation and a moment to reset, de-stress, and refresh.

Tips for DIY Herbal Baths

herbal bath time
  • Take a muslin bag and place the herbs of your choosing inside. Simply soak in the warm water as you do. The scent and benefits of your herbs will release and calm your soul.
  • Use natural and organic botanicals! It’s just like the things you eat — you don’t want to put artificial or pesticide-ridden anything into your body.
  • Fresh plants are the best option! The sooner after harvest the better (smells better, too!) They’re full of natural remedies ready to release. However, you must use immediately. If you need to save or gift a tub tea, dry your herbs first.
  • Don’t worry about exact proportions when you’re combining your blend.
  • For sensitive skin, try one herb at a time at first. It’ll help you know which herbs your skin loves!

Our Favorite Herbs & Their Benefits

lavender herb box
  • Lavender — elegant and stunning, this herb releases a floral aroma and helps to heal minor skin irritations.
  • Parsley — smells deliciously green and helps heal bruising and reduces inflammation.
  • Rosemary — woodsy and enchanting, rosemary relieves sore muscles.
  • Sage — also relieves muscle tightness (perfect for post-workout!) and smells divine.

Our Favorite Herbal Bath Concoction

decorating with herbs by tub

Mix 2 cups of baking soda with 1 cup sea salt, 1 cup lavender, and 1/2 cup rosemary. Separate into muslin bags and soak alongside you in the bath.

Relax and enjoy the restorative and de-stressing benefits of herbal baths!