Growing a Culture of Connection, Wellbeing, and Joy

Why is it that in our highly connected world, people are left feeling so disconnected? From Zoom calls to emails to social media to virtual meetings, the feeling of loneliness and disconnection is at an all-time high. Especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, with all of the changes in work, school, and life. It is no surprise that stress is at an all time high!

Leaders in Human Resources are having to adjust to create a new normal for their employees, in an effort to ensure that team members are feeling connected to the mission and their colleagues. As many companies transitioned to remote work during the height of the pandemic, new strategies for employee connection are crucial.

Company happy hours, dinners, and festivities have drifted to the back burner, and opportunities for virtual connection have taken precedent. Gardenuity is excited to be at the forefront of the movement to encourage employee wellness and connection with corporate teams across the country.

Our gardening workshops and gardening experiences are an invitation to connect with others, partake in an interactive activity, and instigate a positive wellness routine to prevent employees from burnout. 

Why is Connection So Important?

According to Forbes, when employees do not feel connected to their company, it can leave them  “physically ill, especially during times of stress”. On the other hand, Forbes notes that “when employees feel connected to their supervisors or the people they work with, all the parts of their body work together so they can physically work at a higher level.” In order to maintain a resilient workforce who are able to persevere and excel through stressful seasons, connection is key. 

Harvard Business Review explains that “employee disconnection is one of the main drivers of voluntary turnover, with lonely employees costing U.S. companies up to $406 billion a year”. When employees are nurtured and cared for, there is “a drop in turnover risk, an increase in job performance, and a reduction in sick days.” 

So, how can companies create connections within the new normal of remote work culture? 

Starting Onboarding Off Right

A great way to get new employees excited and ready for their new job, new company, and new mission, is to start onboarding off strong with team bonding and experiences. No one likes being thrown to the wolves and feeling like just another stat or robot in a corporate prison, so let’s bring some humanity back to the humans at work, shall we? 

Gardenuity is honored to be a part of onboarding and team bonding experiences for companies across the country. Our CEO and co-founder, Donna Leiter, personally leads gardening workshops to encourage employee wellness and introduce gardening as a way to let nature nurture for mental health. 

Taking time during the day to slow down, get outside, breathe in some fresh air, and set down technology can do wonders for employee retention, creativity, and productivity. We are so glad to see firsthand that gardening consistently creates a positive and healthy outlet and self-care ritual. 

Get outside, get dirty, and get connected with Gardenuity!